Spring 2019

Anesthesia and the Brain and the Brain

Winter 2018

Hunger and the Brain, Faculty First Person with Matthew Pecot, PhD

Fall 2018

Aging and the Brain, Faculty First Person with Lisa Goodrich, AB '91, PhD

Summer 2018

Circadian Rhythms and the Brain

Spring 2018

Hearing Loss and the Brain, Faculty First Person with David Corey, PhD

Winter 2017

The Gut and the Brain, Faculty First Person with Stephen Liberles

Autumn 2017

Football and the Brain; Isaac Chiu, PhD

Summer 2017

Zika and the Brain; Corey Harwell, PhD

Spring 2017

Addiction and the Brain; Clifford Woolf, MD, PhD, and Bruce Palmer Bean, PhD

Winter 2016

Holiday stress and the Brain; Edward Kravitz, PhD

Autumn 2016

Decision-making and the Brain; Chris Harvey, PhD

Summer 2016

Reading and the Brain; and Margaret Livingstone, PhD ’81

Spring 2016

Sugar and the Brain; and Gary Yellen, AB ’79, PhD, and the ketogenic diet

Winter 2015

Dancing and the Brain, Bob Datta, MD '04, PhD '04, and the study of smell

Autumn 2015

Nightmares and the brain, Dragana Rogulja, PhD, and the study of sleep

Summer 2015

Fly-fishing and the brain, David Ginty, PhD, and the sense of touch

Spring 2015

Love and the Brain, Chenghua Gu and the blood-brain barrier

Autumn 2014

Tackling Dyslexia at an Early Age

Summer 2014

Remembering Dreams

Winter 2014

The Toll of Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults

Autumn 2013

The Wonders of the Middle-Aged Brain

Summer 2013

Involuntary Speech

Winter 2013

A Different Voice

Winter 2012

Thoughts to Live By

Winter 2011

The Long Life of Early Pain

Autumn 2011

The Criminal Mind

Summer 2011

Alzheimer's Proteins Team Up to Spur Decline

Winter 2010

The Molecular Underpinnings of Autism

Autumn 2010

City Life and the Brain

Spring 2010

Humor, Laughter, and Those Aha Moments

Winter 2009

Cognitive Neuroscience: Understanding Complex Human Behavior and the Brain

Autumn 2009

Injuries on the Field—and in the Brain

Spring 2009

Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute Prize

Winter 2008

Gene Therapy to Bust Alzheimer’s Plaques

Autumn 2008

High Society: How Substance Abuse Ravages America and What to Do About It

Spring 2008

Genetic “Hot Spot” May Increase Susceptibility to Autism