HMS/HSDM graduation and Class Day ceremonies take place on Thursday, May 25. Please see the Ceremony Information page for the schedule of the various celebrations and ceremonies — and congratulations to our 2023 graduates!

Please return to this page to watch livestreams and see news coverage of the ceremonies. View the Commencement livestream on the Harvard University home page.

Today is about making memories, walking with our friends, celebrating together, and taking in the moment before embarking past all our training.

—Elizabeth Warner

HMS Master's Graduation Ceremony 2023
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We must pursue our science not just because we can, but because our values and commitments — the traces in our hearts — guide us that we should or we must in the interest of a brighter and healthier future.

—Rebecca Weintraub Brendel

HMS/HSDM Class Day Ceremony 2023
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Your jobs, and now your role in society, are more important than ever. In fact, in my estimation, you are the new Guardians of the Galaxy and that is something I wanted to talk a little bit about today.

—Sanjay Gupta

HMS PhD Hooding Ceremony 2023
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