Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

People of Harvard Medical School is a community building and engagement campaign celebrating the School’s greatest asset: the PEOPLE OF HMS.

If you’re a staff or faculty member, researcher, student, postdoc, trainee, fellow, alum, or donor, YOU ARE HMS. If you work, learn, or practice in a lab or classroom, from a home office, on the Quad, in the community, at one of our 15 affiliated hospitals and research institutions, or anywhere across the country or around the world, YOU ARE HMS.

More than 40,000 of us, including 10,000 alumni, each in our own way help to advance the School’s mission and values. Our collective efforts support a common cause, while our unique individual experiences and talents cultivate a more vibrant, welcoming community in which each of us can feel at home and thrive. Together, WE ARE HMS.

Each member of our community has a story to tell, and every story paints a fuller picture of what and who HMS is today. What's your story? Scroll down to 'Our Stories' to get to know fellow members of our community and click below to share your own story.

Read Dean George Q. Daley and Executive Dean Lisa M. Muto's message to the community on launching the People of HMS campaign.

This initiative launched in March 2023, was inspired by the Humans of New York photoblog and book, and is led by the Office of Communications and External Relations with input and support from the Offices of the Dean, Executive Dean for Administration, Human Resources, and Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership.

  • Beth Beighlie with her dog, Dayton

    Research Computing Specialist

    Beth Beighlie

    Information Technology, Harvard Medical School
  • Phil Benware

    IT Manager, Endpoint Services Team

    Phil Benware

    Information Technology, Harvard Medical School
  • Bill DeSimone on the HMS Quad with Chappy

    Security Operations Manager

    William "Bill" DeSimone

    Securitas, Harvard Medical School
  • Jonathan Eaton headshot

    Senior Grants and Contracts Officer

    Jonathan Eaton

    Office of Research Administration, Harvard Medical School
  • Allison Eck

    Executive Communications Manager

    Allison Eck

    Office of Communications and External Relations, Harvard Medical School
  • Photo of Marcia Feldman seated playing her guitar

    ERAS and Projects Coordinator

    Marcia Feldman

    Office of Student Affairs, Harvard Medical School
  • Randy Fox with family

    Associate Director of Strategic Communications

    Randy Fox

    Office of Alumni Affairs and Development, Harvard Medical School
  • Photo of Angela Frimpong with sunny, green lawn in the background

    Donor Engagement Associate

    Angela Frimpong

    Alumni Affairs and Development (AAD), Harvard Medical School
  • Photo of Sarah Furie

    **NEW THIS WEEK** Assistant Director of Development Communications

    Sarah Furie

    Alumni Affairs and Development, Harvard Medical School
  • Rachael Jonas-Closs waving

    Aquatic Animal Technologist

    Rachael Jonas-Closs

    Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School
  • Michelle Keenan

    Director of Community Engagement and Education

    Michelle Keenan

    Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership, Harvard Medical School
  • Cathy McDonough

    **NEW THIS WEEK** Veterinary Technician

    Cathy McDonough

    Center for Comparative Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Photo of Patrick McNeal on mountaintop

    Product Owner, Salesforce Team Manager

    Patrick McNeal

    Information Technology, Harvard Medical School
  • Marcie Namowicz with her son Joel

    Senior Education Coordinator

    Marcie Naumowicz

    Office of Scholarly Engagement, Harvard Medical School
  • Nguyen, center in purple coat, with team

    Assistant Director of Financial Administration

    Victoria Nguyen

    Genetics, Harvard Medical School
  • Simone de Oliveira pointing to a white board

    Community Health Worker and Volunteer Program Coordinator

    Simone de Oliveira

    The Family Van, Harvard Medical School
  • Robert O'Malley studies wild chimpanzees at Gombe National Park in Tanzania

    Public Engagement Associate, Personal Genetics Education Project

    Robert O’Malley

    Genetics, Harvard Medical School
  • Photo of Meredith Solomon

    Senior Outreach Officer

    Meredith Solomon

    Countway Library, Harvard Medical School
  • Evan Walsh

    Career Advisor

    Evan Walsh

    Office for Graduate Education, Harvard Medical School
  • Sophia Xu

    Financial Analyst for Capital Assets

    Sophia Xu

    Office of Finance, Harvard Medical School
  • Photo of Bailey Merlin

    Admissions and Outreach Coordinator

    Bailey Merlin

    Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Photo of Samantha Pitkin

    Education Program Administrator

    Samantha Pitkin

    Center for Bioethics, Harvard Medical School
  • Photo of Alex Shimada-Brand

    Financial Specialist

    Alex Shimada-Brand

    Office of Graduate Education, Harvard Medical School
  • Ana Villar de Jimenez with Wyss colleagues

    Events Coordinator

    Ana Villar de Jimenez

    Wyss Institute
  • Sara Al-Zubi (on left) speaks to a panel of 3 women

    Sara Al-Zubi

    Harvard Medical School, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Photo of Constantine Psimopoulos

    Master of Science in Bioethics Candidate, President of the HMS Master’s Student Council

    Constantine Psimopoulos

    Harvard Medical School
  • Photo of Blaise Aguirre

    Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

    Blaise Aguirre

    Department of Psychiatry, McLean
  • Akerberg holding his son on sunny HMS quad in front of Gordon Hall

    Instructor in Pediatrics

    Alex Akerberg

    Pediatrics, Boston Children's
  • Photo of Birth of a Specialty: A History of Orthopaedics at Harvard and Its Teaching Hospitals by James Herndon

    William H. and Johanna A. Harris Distinguished Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

    James Herndon

    Orthopedic Surgery, Mass General
  • Photo of Shasha Li (center) with students

    Assistant Professor of Radiology

    Shasha Li

    Department of Radiology, Mass General
  • Photo of Bertha Madras

    Professor of Psychobiology

    Bertha Madras

    Department of Psychiatry, McLean
  • Headshot of Maria Mavrikaki

    Instructor in Psychiatry

    Maria Mavrikaki

    Pathology, Beth Israel Deaconess
  • Nancy Oriol in front of The Family Van

    Faculty Associate Dean for Community Engagement in Medical Education

    Nancy Oriol

    Program in Medial Education, Harvard Medical School; Department of Anesthesia, Beth Israel Deaconess
  • Headshot of Carlos Ponce

    Assistant Professor of Neurobiology

    Carlos Ponce

    Neurobiology, Harvard Medical School
  • Photo of Taralyn Tan

    Assistant Dean for Educational Scholarship and Innovation and lecturer on neurobiology

    Taralyn Tan

    Office for Graduate Education and Neurobiology, Harvard Medical School
  • Wardiya Afshar Saber

    Research Fellow in Neurology

    Wardiya Afshar Saber

    Department of Neurology, Boston Children's Hospital
  • Mayank Chugh in lab

    Research Fellow, Megason Lab

    Mayank Chugh

    Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School
  • Rose De Guzman in front of Gordon Hall and HMS Quad at night

    Research Fellow in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology

    Rose De Guzman

    Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology, Mass General
  • Payel Ganguly in front of Gordon Hall at HMS

    Research Fellow in Cell Biology

    Payel Ganguly

    Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School
  • Photo of Annan Khan

    Research Fellow in Surgery

    Adnan Khan

    Department of Surgery, Beth Israel Deaconess
  • Photo of Erwin Khoo at dinner with Harvard colleagues

    Research Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine

    Erwin Khoo

    Center for Bioethics, Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Headshot of Derrick Tin

    Research Fellow in Emergency Medicine

    Derrick Tin

    Disaster Fellowship, Department of Emergency Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess
  • Photo of Savo Bou Zein Eddine in hospital scrubs and face mask

    Clinical Fellow in Surgery

    Savo Bou Zein Eddine

    Department of Surgery, Mass General