Innovation fuels discovery at Harvard Medical School, where more than 11,000 faculty members work to alleviate suffering caused by disease.

This work takes place on the School’s Boston campus and across the metropolitan area at 17 affiliated hospitals and research institutes. Faculty members collaborate across the community, pooling resources and expertise to tackle tough problems ranging from understanding the root causes of cancer to developing therapies and interventions; from understanding the rising costs of health care to developing delivery systems to under served populations. The ultimate goal is to translate discoveries into medicines that will eradicate disease and improve health worldwide.

A new initiative to aid drug discovery

From Crisis to Cures: Writing a New Prescription for Drug Development

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DNA is destiny, the saying goes. Can the findings of a new study pave the way to therapies that change the course of DNA's own fate?

MicroRNAs released from fat cells may help regulate other tissues



Science Matters video series

Researchers Share Their Passion for Science

Faculty members explain what they do and why it matters in this video series

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Chew on This: In this podcast Lisa Simon discusses the benefits and challenges of reintegrating dental and medical care.


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