Utility Disruption

Utility Disruption

Determine which utility is disrupted and call: 

  • HMS/HSDM Facilities Office: (617) 432-1901 
    • ​Heating, cooling, water and water pressure, electricity, or other unsafe conditions
  • ​UIS Telephone Repair: (617) 495-4900
    • HUIT telecommunications
  • HMS/HSDM Help Desk (617) 432-2000
    • Network, computers, or software

Tips for reporting a utility disruption:

  • Are you in a safe location?
  • What type of utility is disrupted (heating, cooling, water, electricity, etc.)?
  • What is the extent of the disruption? 
  • Complete outage, or does it fluctuate? 
  • How long has the disruption lasted? 
  • If you feel the area is unsafe, evacuate the area and request assistance according to the Reporting an Emergency procedure.

When a utility disruption occurs:

  • Remain calm.
  • Do not burn candles or anything else.
  • Do not use the elevators.
  • If you are using only emergency lighting, leave the area or find supplemental lighting. Emergency lighting will typically last for only 30 minutes. 
  • Report the condition to your supervisor.
  • Follow department-specific instructions to recover business operations.
  • After reporting the disruption, inform others in the area that "the school has been notified of the disruption and is working to correct the problem as soon as possible."

Harvard University
Police Department (HUPD)


Urgent: 617-495-1212
Longwood: 617-432-1212
Business: 617-495-1215

Visit the HUPD website for more information.