If you believe the area is unsafe:

  • Do not clean up the spill.
  • Call the HMS/HSDM Facilities Office at (617) 432-1901.
  • Request exposed individuals to remain nearby until emergency responders arrive.
  • Isolate the area and await assistance.

Tips for reporting an accident:

  • Has anyone been exposed?
  • What has been released (gas, liquid, solid)?
  • Do you know what the material is?
  • Are there labels, placards, or pictures you saw or can see from a safe location?
  • How much has been released?
  • Is the release continuing?
  • Is the release contained, or is it entering the environment (sewer, soil, vents, etc.)?

Safety tips for hazardous materials (if you are trained and can do so safely):

  • Turn off any sources of ignition.
  • Provide assistance to the ill or injured (see Injury or Illness procedure).
  • If individuals have been exposed, brush off any dry chemicals and rinse the area thoroughly for 15 minutes or until medical assistance arrives.
  • Activate emergency shut-offs.
  • Try to slow the free-flow movement of a liquid to prevent the spill from entering drains or the environment by using any absorbent buffer available.
  • Locate the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and provide it to responders.
  • Wait for direction from emergency responders or supervisors.

If you regularly work in a lab area:

  • Familiarize yourself with your lab's contents, the location of safety equipment, and evacuation routes.
  • Know if there are any special/specific procedures for your lab.
  • Know who the Lab Manager is and report any dangerous or unusual conditions.