Important safety information:

  • Do not enter standing water.
  • Water can carry and electric current without any visible signs. This can be dangerous.
  • Assume the water is dangerous until a qualified assessment is complete.
  • Some flooding may contain hazardous materials or sewage.
  • Do not use elevators during a flood.

Flooding tips if the area is safe:

  • Turn off electrical devices.
  • If there are hazardous materials involved (chemicals, asbestos, sewage, etc.), refer to the Hazardous Materials procedure.
  • If the water is entering from the roof and it is related to a storm, relocate to a safer area of the building or an alternate location. Leaking from the roof following a storm may indicate structural instability or an otherwise unsafe condition and needs to be inspected.
  • Move property that may become wet or damaged to an elevated area.
  • Use absorbent materials or barriers to contain the affected area.
  • Isolate the affected area.