If you receive a threat:

  • Refer all threats to the Harvard University Police Department at (617) 432-1212.
  • If you receive the threat on the phone, ask the caller to hold and transfer the call to HUPD at (617) 432-1212.
  • If you are unable to transfer the call, ask the caller to contact HUPD directly.
  • Obtain as much information as possible from the caller, and then contact HUPD with the information you collected.
  • Answer any questions HUPD has for you.
  • Remain available to further assist HUPD.
  • Inform your supervisor.
  • Do not activate the fire alarm system unless instructed to do so by HUPD.

If you locate a suspicious object:

  • Do not touch or move it.
  • Notify HUPD of the exact location.
  • Isolate the immediate area.
  • Refer to Suspicious Package or Item procedure.

Tips for reporting a threat:

  • Try to record the threat exactly as it is said.
  • Note the time the threat was made.
  • Be clear about the type of threat.
  • If possible, record details about the threat:
    • What will happen?
    • Where will it happen?
    • When will it happen?
    • How can it be stopped?
  • What is your general impression?
    • Angry, confused, scared, etc.
  • Did you notice any background noises?
  • Ask for the individual's name.