Call 911

  • Do not move the injured unless there is an immediate, life-threatening situation. If you believe they may have been electrocuted, do not touch them for any reason.
  • Follow the instructions of the 911 emergency dispatcher. If necessary, they will send an ambulance to assist you.
  • Notify the Harvard University Police Department by called (617) 432-1212.
  • Send someone to retrieve the First Aid Kit and AED if available.
  • Send someone to guide responders to the location of the person needing assistance.
  • Contact the HMS/HSDM Facilities Office at (617) 432-1901 for custodial or EH&S support if necessary.

Tips for reporting an injury or illness

  • Location of injury or illness?
  • How many people need help?
  • What type of injury or illness do they have? Life threatening or not?
  • Do you know how they became injured?
  • Is someone providing medical care already?

If you are trained, equipped, and it is safe for you to do so, provide basic First Aid


  • Check to see if the person can talk.
  • If not, can the person make eye contact?

If the person is awake:

  • Try to keep them warm and talking.

If the person is not awake:

  • If you are trained and properly equipped, assess the need for CPR.
  • Always wear the proper protective equipment before providing any type of medical assistance.

If CPR is required:

  • Begin CPR and follow the AED instructions.

If there is severe bleeding:

  • Provide bandages to the injured.
  • Following the guidance from the American Red Cross, ask the injured to apply firm steady pressure over the injured area until professional assistance can arrive.
  • Do not remove or replace bandages.
  • Add additional bandages if necessary.
  • If the individual is unable to apply pressure themselves and if you are properly protected, you may assist them.