If you locate a suspicious package or object:

  • Remain calm.
  • Do not touch or move the object.
  • Do not active the fire alarm system.
  • Contact the Harvard University Police Department at (617) 432-1212
  • Evacuate only the immediate area.
  • Isolate the area and do not allow anyone to enter until HUPD has said that the area is safe.
  • Notify a supervisor.
  • Request other witnesses to remain nearby to speak with HUPD responders.
  • Remain available to assist responders.

If you are holding a suspicious package or object:

  • Evacuate others from the immediate area.
  • Gently set the item down on a solid surface on the floor. If there is powder or liquid, try to set the package or object down in container like a trash can or bucket.
  • Cover the item with an article of clothing.
  • Leave the immediate area.

Tips for identifying a suspicious package: