Rosalind Segal, MD, PhD

Dean for Graduate Education

Johanna Gutlerner, PhD

Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education

Kimberly T. Lincoln

Director of Administration and Student Affairs for Graduate Education

Courtney Barnes-Baxter

Admissions Operations Coordinator

James Boggie

Events and Staff Assistant

Gabriella Calderón

Master's Program Coordinator

Andy Chang, MBA

Associate Director of Finance for Graduate Education

Daniel Emmans, EdM

Graduate Education and Student Development Coordinator

Amy Gooden, EdD

Course Director

Naomi Hein, MRes

Assistant Director of Writing and Communication Services for Graduate Education

Jason Heustis, PhD

Director of Student Development and Training Evaluation for Graduation Education

Dan Liddick, MBS

Business Systems Analyst

Selina Sarmiento, MA

Assistant Director of Admissions for Graduate Education

Isabel Tereso, EdM

Master's Program Registrar Coordinator

Evan J. Walsh, MA

Career Advisor for Graduate Education