Can I apply for more than one award?

You may apply for as many awards for which you are eligible, but make sure that your proposal is relevant to each award. Please note that the online application form requires you to submit a separate proposal for each award that you apply for.

In determining eligibility for these awards, is the position of instructor considered "tenure track?"

Yes. However, while Instructors at HMS are considered junior faculty and eligible to apply for foundation grants, they may be at a competitive disadvantage in the national selection process. Therefore, Instructors should apply only if they have demonstrated academic independence and research that is not an extension of a senior mentor. If you are unsure whether you meet this requirement, please contact the foundation to confirm your eligibility.

The deadline on the website is earlier than the Foundation deadline. Why are the deadlines different?

The HMS deadline for applications is set well in advance of the Foundation deadline to accommodate the internal application and nomination process. Applicants cannot apply directly to the foundations, but must apply through the internal selection process by the HMS Foundation Funds due date in order to receive the Harvard nomination. If an applicant receives the Harvard nomination, they will then apply to the foundation by the final application deadline listed in the award description.

Do I have to apply through Harvard? Can I apply directly to the foundations with a nomination from my hospital?

HMS Foundation Funds offers only Limited Submission Funding Opportunities. These opportunities, offered by various foundations, limit the number of Harvard faculty members that can be nominated to apply to the foundation. As a result, interested applicants must first apply through this internal selection process in order to receive the Harvard nomination. Many of the awards listed here require a nomination from a degree-granting institution. Occasionally, hospitals are allowed to nominate their own additional candidates, and whenever possible we make note of this in the award description. However, you should check with our award summary table or your research administration representative to see if your hospital is allowed to nominate directly. If so, you should apply for your hospital nomination rather than the HMS nomination.

When will I be notified?

Applicants will be notified of their status via email usually within two months of the application deadline.