Request for applications for the ELAM Program will be announced in August 2021.

Harvard Medical School (including its affiliated health care institutions) has been invited to nominate up to two candidates for the Hedwig van Amerigen Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine Program for Women (ELAM), a faculty development program for women leaders in academic medicine. ELAM offers an intensive one-year program of leadership training with extensive coaching, networking and mentoring opportunities aimed at expanding the national pool of qualified women candidates for leadership in academic medicine, dentistry and public health.

Eligible candidates must:
  • Hold the rank of associate or full professor.
  • Have significant administrative experience in personnel and budget matters, preferably both (e.g., as chair, division chief).
  • Express a clear desire for attaining a leadership position.
  • Embrace strategic risk-taking in their career path.
  • Realistically assess their leadership opportunities, both internal and external.
  • Possess growth opportunities, either formal or informal, within their institution.
  • Have an expressed commitment from their institution to support their formal or informal advancement

If selected, recipients will participate in a one-year curriculum focused on strategic finance, organizational dynamics and personal leadership effectiveness. The candidate and/or her institution are responsible for the program fee of at least $16,000, plus travel and lodging for the program sessions. More information on ELAM can be found at

Questions?  Contact Clare Lamont at (617) 432-7463

  • Required Application Materials

    Please submit the following as a single PDF to:
    EXTENDED DEADLINE: Applications are Due November 16th (11:59 PM)

    Required materials to be submitted as a single PDF:

    1. Nomination letter from a direct supervisor
    2. Nomination letter from your Mentor.  ELAM will ask selected nominees to work on an Institutional Action Project over the course of program.  Please include a description of the nominees project (While proposals may change over time, we are interested in what is currently being considered.)  If your Mentor is your direct supervisor, then one letter may be submitted.
    3. List of programs (formal workshops, courses, and/or certificate/degree programs that enrich or advance your career) in which you have participated in the past, along with the date or year completed.
    4. Submit a single published work that you have authored and consider your most significant and explain why have you selected this work?
    5. Statement of interest.  Include a description of the scope of responsibilities in your current position, including any activities, operations or functions for which you are directly responsible.
    6. Please provide a brief answer to the following questions:

    1a. What are your specific 5-year career goals? Be as concrete as possible.

    1b. How will participating in this program help you achieve those goals?

    2a. What do you view as the single most important issue facing your institution

      2b. If you were Dean, what would you do about this issue?

    3a. What do you view as the single most important challenge your institution presents to you in doing your job?

    3b. What innovative approaches are you taking to meet this challenge?

    4. What is your personal philosophy or definition of leadership and how does it apply to your professional role?

    5a. Describe a professional situation in which you took a leadership role.

    5b. In what ways were you effective?

    5c. In what ways were you not effective?

    5d. What did you learn from the experience?

    1. Current CV
  • ELAM Virtual Open House October 26th (8:00 PM)

    Learn More About the ELAM Program

    ELAM will offer a Virtual Open House on October 26, 2020 at 8 pm Eastern. This event will serve to answer any questions about ELAM's application process, requirements for applicants and expectations for Fellows, and any other questions from potential applicants or those seeking to nominate someone. You can register for the event here