The Clinical Department Review Program, started in 2000, is a joint venture between Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals to review the activities of clinical departments on approximately an eight-year cycle. The review is a constructive process that uses a broad-based perspective in evaluating departmental leadership and overall operation with a focus on key areas in clinical care, research and education. Typically, three outside external reviewers are invited to serve on a committee that meets with the department leadership and its faculty over the course of two days to discuss the department’s activities. At the end of the review the committee orally delivers the results of their findings to the dean of HMS, the dean for Clinical and Academic Affairs, and the president/CEO of the hospital. Once the Committee has submitted the final written report, a meeting is set up with the head of the department, deans and hospital president/CEO to discuss the report and review the recommendations.

Each department is asked to prepare a comprehensive and detailed report of activities over the previous five- to eight-year period. The report also includes information on the faculty and on the teaching, research and clinical programs of the department. Additionally, the department chair includes a strategic plan for the department. The report is shared with the external reviewers, deans and hospital president/CEO approximately one month prior to the review.

More than 90 reviews have been conducted since the Program’s inception in 2000.


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