In order to advance faculty development and diversity at HMS, former Dean, Jeffrey Flier convened a task force in 2009 with the charge of defining and prioritizing faculty development and diversity needs. The task force was chaired by Nancy Tarbell, former Dean for Academic and Clinical Affairs, and comprised of over 60 faculty and staff from HMS and the affiliated community. Upon fulfilling its charge in November 2010, the task force presented Dean Flier with a report entitled A Framework for Action and a summary of 6 primary recommendations.

“Harvard Medical School has long supported faculty development and diversity through a variety of successful programs and initiatives because we are deeply committed to the careers of all our faculty members, junior and senior alike,” says Flier. “I am personally and deeply committed to ensuring that we do all that we can to help our faculty members advance professionally. This Task Force has shown us how to continue building an even more inclusive and welcoming community across all ranks and disciplines, especially for women and underrepresented minorities. For this reason I welcome and embrace these recommendations.”

To date, substantial progress has been made on implementing the task force’s recommendations. View a May 2014 PowerPoint presentation to the HMS Faculty Council that highlights progress to date in fulfilling the task force’s 6 primary recommendations and lists implementation priorities for the coming year.

It is anticipated that the progress made to date, along with the expected successful implementation of the remaining priorities, will serve to fulfill the task force’s ultimate goal of better positioning HMS/HSDM to attract and retain the best faculty to teach the next generation of clinicians, educators, and scientists; to lead innovative biomedical research; to reach out to local and distant communities; and to provide exceptional care for patients.