HMS Microfluidics/Microfabrication Facility

Microfluidics is a new and constantly evolving technology of designing and manufacturing devices which can control and manipulate the flow of fluids measured in the microliter/nanoliter range.

















Mirofluidics allows you to:

  • Perform multiple operations in a small volume:“lab-on-a-chip”.
  • Control the environment of a single cell or part of a cell.
  • Precisely control external reagents
  • Pattern substrates for cells to grow
  • Droplet generation and manipulation
  • Cell sorting, cytometry.

The HMS microfluidics Core Facility aims to provide space and the equipment to design, fabricate and conduct experiments with micro-fluidic devices to the research community of Harvard University and affiliated institutions. Additionally, provide training, technical and scientific assistance to users in order to ensure success in their projects.