Microfluidics Events And Training:

Currently, the HMS microfluidics core does not hold a regular training series. However, any training held it is always announced on here. If you are interested in any of our specific training please contact Calixto Saenz (calixto_saenz@hms.harvard.edu)



Safety Training: Mondays and Tuesdays

This training is required as part of the HMS Microfluidics User Program enrollment process. This is a 1 hour and 30 min session that focuses on introducing the policies, hazards and safety requirements in the laboratory to the new users. It also covers the locations of the safety equipment, SOPs, evacuation route, MSDSs, Chemical Hygiene Plan and Exposure Control Plan.


Equipment training (Plasma + Thinky Mixer + Desiccator): Once a week

Equipment training (Plasma + UV Mask Aligner + Laurell): Once a week

Equipment training (Plasma, UV Mask Aligner, Headway spinner and Thinky Mixer): Once a week

This is a 1 hour and 15 min session that focuses on explaining the use and manipulation of each equipment needed in the fabrication process, including: Mixer, Fume hood, Mask Aligners, Spinners and Plasma Etcher.

Additionally, we will go in detail with some process troubleshooting for the most common problems that are faced while following the microfabrication protocols.


Photolithography training: Once a week

For those who are starting or want to deepen relevant knowledge in the hands-on microfabrication world and all the advantages that it offers in the biological applications.

This is a 2 hour hand-on training that emphasize in transferring the features and patterns on a mask to the surface of a silicon wafer. The steps involve wafer cleaning, barrier layer formation, photoresist application, soft-baking, mask alignment, exposure, development and hard-baking.


Soft-Lithography training: Once a week

This is a 2 part 3 hour total hand-on training that emphasize in the softlithography process of the PDMS, which involves the replication of the topographically defined structure (photoresist master) in a soft elastomer (PDMS), for posterior bonding process to glass.


This is a 30 min training that focuses on explaining the operation and manipulation of special equipment needed in the microfabrication process.

  • 3D Profiler: Once a week
  • Device aligner (PDMS or polymer material alignment)
  • Polymer Spinner (PDMS and other type of polymer spinning process).
  • Thermal Evaporator training: Once a week
  • Salinization training: Once a week
  • Two layer UV-Mask Aligner training: Once a week
  • Laminator Training: Once a week
  • Laurell Training: Once a week
  • Port Creator: Once a week