List of alumni of HMS Microfabrication/Microfluidics Facility Internship Program

The HMS microfluidics/microfabrication core facility has been receiving interns since 2014, giving students the opportunity to gain experience and build knowledge that will help them in their futures. This is the list of interns who have passed through our facility.

0Harolin Sosa (Intern-2014, HMS Employee 2014-2020)

Initially enrolled in the biotechnology/biomanufacturing program at Roxbury Community College, accomplished with great success not only her internship term but also finished two certifications and a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry. Harolin also started working since 2014 as a part-time research assistant in our microfabrication core facility. Additionally, she has been the co-author of two scientific publications in 2016-17.

Manjula Subramanian (Intern-2015)

Enrolled in the Biology Associate program at Roxbury community college (RCC), finished her internship in 2016 and she has been working as a temporary staff in the system biology department in different positions.

belinda picBelinda Jean-Calixte (Intern-2016, HMS Employee 2016-currently)

Initially a student in the Biotechnology Associate Program from Roxbury Community College. Belinda not only graduated in two associate degrees (biological science and biotechnology) but also continued working at HMS as a full-time Research Assistant in our microfabrication core and Flowcytometry since 2016. Belinda is also currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in Biotechnology at Northeastern University.

Andrea Baker (Intern-2016)

A student enrolled in the engineering program at RCC, accomplished successfully her internship in our facility, which helped her to decide to continue in the nanotechnology field. After her internship in our HMS Microfabrication Facility, she got the opportunity of enrolling in a paid internship in the nanotechnology department at MIT and also obtained a full scholarship at Boston University in the Nanotechnology bachelor's degree program.

Abdul Musa (Intern-2017)

Graduated from Roxbury Community College with an Associates of Science in Biology in 2017. He continued his Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology at UMASS Lowell and graduated in 2018. Currently enrolled in the Physician Assistant graduate program at the Loma Linda University.

Daniela Ojeda Gaviria (Intern-2017-18, HMS Employee 2020-currently)

Graduated from Bunker Hill Community College with an Associates in Biomedical Science in 2018 and is currently enrolled at Wentworth Institute of Technology studying Biomedical Engineering with a scholarship. Daniela continued full time paid co-op at MGH as a Bioinformatic Assistant in 2019 and she is currently working in our Microfabrication Core facility as a Part-Time Research Assistant.

Nancy Nancy Berger (Intern-2018-19)

Nancy was enrolled in the Biotechnology program at RCC and has a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. She got the opportunity of enrolling in a paid internship in the Materials Science department at MIT 2019 after her internship with our HMS microfabrication core facility. Nancy was enrolled in the Biotechnology program at RCC and has a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and graduated from the Biotech program at Roxbury Community College in May 2021. And continued her professional path doing the Mass Life Sciences Challenge Internship at Catailyst Inc Biotech startup company in 2020, working as a Science Analyst Trainee there.

oKingsley Egbujie (Intern-2020)

Kingsley was enrolled in the Biotechnology Associate Degree at RCC and graduated in 2019. After his internship in our facility, he applied and was accepted to Boston University with a full scholarship in the Biology Bachelor's degree program.

bBenjamin J. Pratt (intern 2019, HMS Visitor Student 2020)

Ben was enrolled in the Biology program at RCC, after his internship he got accepted at Northeatern University in the Biology Science Bachelor's Degree while he continues contributing to the Microfabrication Core facility as a part-time paid undergraduate visitor student.