Research Core Developed Courses

Population Survey Analysis Course

Whether you are conducting a health program impact evaluation, drafting your first international research publication, or teaching a monitoring and evaluation workshop, these materials are designed for you. Materials can be used in low- or high-bandwidth environments, by learners who speak English as their first or fifth language. Extensive population survey data are available worldwide – learn how to use it to answer your health, social or economic research question!

Introduction to Operational Research Course

This Introduction to Research course was developed at Partners In Health/Rwanda in 2012. At PIH/Rwanda, there were a host of individuals who were interested to be more involved with various research projects happening at site, but had relatively little exposure to general research methods and papers. This course was intended to foster an interest in research and to lay a basic foundation that could help accelerate more technical trainings in the future. This website is intended to be a general resource for other teams interested in developing the same capacity. Teams are welcome to follow the course as is, or to use this as an example for their own courses that they develop.

Mixed Methods

NIH Best Practices for Mixed Methods Research in the Health Sciences

Qualitative Methods

Principal Components Analysis (PCA)

A step-by-step approach to using the SAS system for factor analysis and structural equation modeling” by Larry Hatcher.


Harvard users can download spatial analysis software, attend trainings and workshops, and utilize GIS helpdesk services through the Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis.

DHS and Census Data

  • The MeasureDHS Project has been collecting and publishing large-scale surveys of health and demographic outcomes in low- and middle-income countries since 1984. For instructions to download and use this rich data source for free, click here.
  • To join the Harvard Population Center DHS user group, email:
  • IPUMS-International publishes sample micro-data from census around the world dating back to 1960. Learn more about IPUMS-International and how to access free census micro data here.

SAS and Stata