Assistance from the Core

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How can you access Research Core assistance?


You can access the Core for several different types of requests. If you need a quick “consult,” you can contact Core members directly and ask a question or talk over an idea. These consults are usually short and directed but have led to more substantial collaborations in the past. You can initiate a collaboration with the Core on a research project by making a Core request.  This first interaction can be relatively informal and directed either to one of the core members or to the team if you are not sure who is best qualified to work with you. We will evaluate your request in light of our current workload, our current priorities and the feasibility and potential of the project.

If we are able to provide you with assistance, we will work with you to create a formal Research Core request outlining the proposed project, the expected timeline and deliverables and the reciprocal commitments between the Core and the requesting team. Because the Core functions as a team, Core projects involve collaboration and communication with the entire group. Such discussions often take the form of research presentations or open seminars focused on specific methodologies, and your active participation is essential to the success of our mission.  For more information or to initiate a Research Core request, please contact Alexandra Bradbury