We believe that good health matters to everyone—including your clients—and gifts to HMS benefit the entire human race.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you as you work with your clients to address their philanthropic goals.

Quick Reference

  • Harvard’s tax ID

    HMS gifts are managed under the umbrella of Harvard University’s Federal Tax Identification Number.

  • Bequest language

    "I give (________ dollars or ________ percent or all of the residue of my estate) to the President and Fellows of Harvard College, a Massachusetts educational, charitable corporation, for the benefit of Harvard Medical School (optional to benefit education or research or another priority area)."

  • Transferring securities

    • Please contact the Harvard Management Company at 866-845-6596 or donorsecuritygifts@harvard.edu
    • To ensure proper processing of your client's gift, please notify Harvard of the stock transfer by completing this online form
    • All mutual fund transfers must be coordinated with Harvard Management Company. For HMC to determine the appropriate instructions, please call 866-845-6596 or email donorsecuritygifts@harvard.edu with the following information: the name of the mutual fund, the number of shares, date of acquisition, and where the fund shares are currently held.

    For more information, please contact our gift planning team at 800-922-1782 or email giftplanning@hms.harvard.edu.

  • Checks

    Include check made payable to Harvard Medical School, along with a note that includes the donor's full name, address, and phone number and mail to:

    Harvard Medical School
    Alumni Affairs and Development
    P.O. Box 419720
    Boston, MA 02241-9720

  • IRA transfer instructions

    • CHECK
      Download the IRA Rollover Letter of Instruction and request that your IRA administrator issues a check for your selected dollar amount directly to HMS.
      Contact the Harvard Management Company at 866-845-6596 or donorsecuritygifts@harvard.edu. To ensure proper processing of your gift, please notify Harvard of the transfer by completing this online form.
      Direct transfer to the following account:
      Bank of America, 100 Federal Street, Boston, MA 02110
      President and Fellows of Harvard College, ADS account
      Account #: 9429263621
      Ach ABA: 011000138
      Wire ABA: 026009593
      Swift Code: BOFAUS3N
    • Once the wire transfer arrangements have been made, please provide the following information to giftplanning@hms.harvard.edu:
      Name/location of bank sending the transfer Amount of gift / Date of transfer
      Name of the HMS fund, program, or research area the gift is supporting
  • IRS discount rate

    • The higher the IRS discount rate, the higher the deduction for charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities
    • IRS discount rate is published monthly on or about the 20th of the month
    • Use the discount rate for the month in which the gift is made or for either of the prior two months
    • Also known as the IRC, Section 7520 or Applicable Federal Rate. It is the annual rate of return that the IRS assumes the gift assets will earn during the gift term

    To learn more, please contact our gift planning team at 800-922-1782 or email giftplanning@hms.harvard.edu.