An Endeavor in Compassion

Spotlight on Medical Education event celebrates impact of HMS financial aid

Photo of 4 students and former student with Dean Daley, all smiling at the camera
From left: Nereida Ramirez, Jonny Kim, Dean Daley, Leen Al Kassab, and Liz Roux. Image: Steve Lipofsky


More than 25 years ago, in rural China, the parents of an hours-old newborn left her on a street corner, hoping someone could give her a better life than they could provide.

The baby girl was taken in by an orphanage and, a year later, adopted by a single woman in Florida, a mother whom the girl came to love deeply. This was the beginning of Liz Roux’s remarkable journey to Harvard Medical School.

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“We never had much, but I always felt like we had enough, because we had each other,” Roux said of her childhood. “My mom taught me to love life and nature, to love animals and people.”

But their life together was not without its challenges. When Roux was a toddler, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, which remained in remission until it returned when Roux was 15 years old.