HMS News Feed Stay informed via email on the latest news, research, and media from Harvard Medical School. en <a href="/news/awards-recognition-july-2018" hreflang="en">Awards & Recognition: July 2018</a> Honors received by HMS faculty, staff and students Compiled by BOBBIE COLLINS <a href="/news/unsavory-side-sugar" hreflang="en">The Unsavory Side of Sugar </a> The industry calls them SSBs. You know them as sugar-sweetened beverages, and they’re one of the many ways that an overload of sugar enters the average person’s diet. By BRETT MILANO <a href="/news/future-data" hreflang="en">The Future is Data</a> Precision medicine promises the right treatment for the right patient at the right time, but at what cost? By NANCY FLIESLER <a href="/news/see-something-say-something" hreflang="en">See Something, Say Something</a> Families of patients in ICU hesitate to talk to medical staff about safety issues By JACQUELINE MITCHELL <a href="/news/love-lives-fruit-flies" hreflang="en">The Love Lives of Fruit Flies</a> The neurobiology of fruit fly courtship helps illuminates human disorders of motivation By CHRISTEN BROWNLEE <a href="/news/turning-cancer-itself" hreflang="en">Turning Cancer on Itself</a> What if cancer cells could be re-engineered to turn against their own kind? By HALEY BRIDGER <a href="/news/data-entrepreneurship-club-launched" hreflang="en">Data Entrepreneurship Club Launched </a> Harvard Data Entrepreneurship Club to host competition for grant awards. By EUGENE MONT <a href="/news/guardian-cell" hreflang="en">Guardian of the Cell</a> Scientists unravel the structure, key features of a human immune-surveillance protein, setting the stage for more precise immune therapies By EKATERINA PESHEVA <a href="/news/rise-clones" hreflang="en">Rise of the Clones</a> A new study has identified some of the inherited and acquired mutations that drive a precancerous blood condition. By STEPHANIE DUTCHEN <a href="/news/double-edged" hreflang="en">Double-Edged</a> Amyloid beta protein protects brain from herpes infection by entrapping viral particles By SUE MCGREEVEY