Scientists Uncover Nearly All Genetic Variants Linked to Height

Largest genome-wide association study achieves ‘the impossible’

close-up of a stadiometer that measures height
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Scientists have long known that height is mostly hereditary, but even the geneticists who set out to study height two decades ago weren’t certain they’d ever be able to find the common genetic factors influencing this trait.

Now, by studying the DNA of 5.4 million people, a team led by those same geneticists has done what they thought years ago would be impossible.

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In the largest study of its kind to date, members of the GIANT consortium — including researchers at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Harvard Medical School, and Boston Children’s Hospital — have identified more than 12,000 genetic variants that influence height.

These variants explain 10 percent to 40 percent of all variation in height, depending on a person’s ancestry. They cluster around parts of the genome involved in skeletal growth.

The team said that because of its unprecedented size, the study has uncovered the vast majority of the genetic variants linked to height and is the capstone of a 20-year effort.

“We feel that this is really a milestone,” said co-senior author Joel Hirschhorn, HMS professor of genetics, the HMS Concordia Professor of Pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital, and leader of the GIANT consortium. “We’d been studying height for a while but had only identified a small fraction of common variant heritability.”

“We’re now basically done mapping this heritability to specific genomic regions,” he added, “and that highlights what increasing sample size can tell us about traits controlled by multiple genes.”

Hirschhorn said that the findings, published in Nature on Oct. 12, could one day help physicians identify individuals who aren’t reaching their genetically predicted height and might have a hidden disease or deficiency affecting their growth and health.

After about the 20th patient, I thought, Hey, I’m working in a place that can figure this out.

Joel Hirschhorn

Even the most optimistic among us didn’t think we’d get this big this fast.

Joel Hirschhorn

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