Revisiting Campus ... Virtually

HMS, HSDM students forge bonds, share talents

Fabric logo with multi-colored illustration of African woman and colorful lion with the word Njikota on black background

Njikọta, the 2021 FABRIC theme, translates as “connection” and “bonding” in Igbo, a language spoken in Nigeria. Illustration: Crystal Song

Every year admitted Harvard medical and dental school students are invited to a series of events over several days where they have an opportunity to return to campus as they make their final decisions on where to attend medical or dental school.

For the second year in a row, traditional events where admitted medical and dental school students are invited to “revisit” campus took place online during the week of April 5 in accordance with pandemic safety regulations.

But the remote nature of the events did little to dampen the occasion. The exuberance of Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine students who hosted the events beamed through their computer screens during the 20th annual FABRIC event.

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Originally conceived as a way to recognize and honor the African diaspora, FABRIC has evolved into a celebration of the diversity of backgrounds and talents of Harvard medical and dental students and a display of how the student community is united in purpose.

The event featured prerecorded videos of students dancing, performing music, modeling traditional clothing, reading poetry, and sharing other creative endeavors and insights.

“Congratulations on getting accepted to the Class of 2025,” said Brianna Wright, FABRIC program director, as she welcomed attendees. “We are sorry we can’t have you here in person for this event, but we look forward … to welcoming you to campus soon.”

Students share their cultural roots through traditional clothing