Financial Aid Forms for Master’s Students

2021 - 2022 Financial Aid Forms

2021-22 Loan Adjustment Form - For students who wish to add or increase their federal student loans.

Outside Scholarship Form (PDF)  - For students who anticipate to receive an outside award.

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan Consent Form (PDF) - For students who wish to apply for a Graduate PLUS Loan. (This form asks for personally identifiable information and should ideally be faxed, mailed or dropped off in person. If you must send it by email, password protect the PDF and send a separate email to our office with the password.)

Title IV/Permission to Hold Form (Federal Loans) - By completing this form, you are agreeing to allow Harvard Medical School to hold and/or apply Federal Title IV financial aid funds to some (or all) of your tuition and fees.

Federal Work Study Application (PDF)  - For students who wish to participate in the Federal Work Study Program during the academic year.

Refund/Cash Advance Form - For students who have a credit balance on their billing account and wish to obtain money for living expenses.