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Master’s Students

As you embark on your graduate education at HMS, the Financial Aid Office wants to ensure that Financial Wellness is part of your experience. Since we care about your financial health, we offer the following resources to you. We understand that graduate students often assume a significant amount of educational loan debt to finance their education. Concerned about high borrowing levels, Harvard Medical School offers vigorous loan counseling and financial literacy programming for students. The Financial Aid Office provides each student an opportunity to discuss the terms of their loans as well as debt management strategies. Please see Debt Counseling and Loan Forgiveness for more information and resources.

Debt Counseling

For Master's Students

Harvard Medical School offers a vigorous loan counseling and financial literacy program for students. The Financial Aid Office provides each student an opportunity to discuss the terms of the loans as well as to be counseled on debt management strategies.

Graduating Students

Mandatory group loan exit interviews are held for graduating students during the months of April and May prior to May graduation. The purpose of the interview is to disclose the loan repayment schedule, discuss budgeting strategies and loan terms, answer questions and concerns of the student, etc. All graduating students who received any type of loan while at HMS must attend a group loan exit interview.

Leave of Absence

Students taking a leave of absence from HMS lasting longer than six months are also required to have an exit interview, since their loans will enter repayment during this time.


Students may make an appointment with their Financial Aid Officer at any time to discuss financial aid issues. The Office has a small library of resource directories to help students in their search for external sources of aid.

Financial Aid Information Page

FINAID is a free and comprehensive website including a guide to student financial aid resources. It includes an overview of financial aid policies and procedures, a glossary of terminology, search engines for outside scholarships, calculators to compute required loan payments, annotated bibliographies of financial aid resource materials, and direct links to over 1,000 external financial aid sites.

Loan Forgiveness

Loan Forgiveness Programs for Master's Students

HMS Master's students may be eligible for national, state, and public service loan forgiveness programs. Please see the AAMC loan/scholarship database or the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program for more information.