Getting to Know Laura Vardon

Executive assistant in the Office for Research Operations and Global Programs on Pride and Prejudice, platelets, and pots of soup

Laura Vardon joined the HMS Office for Research Operations and Global Programs in August 2022. MyHMS talked with Vardon about her background, her interests, and working at HMS.

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MyHMS: What brought you to HMS?

Vardon: After over 25 years in hospitality, I was interested in moving into a new field. I was drawn to the incredible research being done at HMS and the global impact of that research.

MyHMS: What did you do before you started working at HMS?Laura Vardon

Vardon: Before starting my adventure at HMS, I spent almost 20 years at the Eliot Hotel in the Back Bay in the sales department. Between arranging individual and group accommodations and planning meetings and events, I had the chance to get to know so many people at HMS and the affiliated hospitals.

MyHMS: What’s the most interesting or unusual job you’ve had?

Vardon: I think my most interesting job was managing record stores back when there was no streaming of music and you had to actually go to a store and buy music. I was able to meet many artists and go to a concert every night if I wished.

MyHMS: How would you describe your new role to someone unfamiliar with what you do?

Vadon: As an executive assistant in the Office for Research Operations and Global Programs, my job is to provide administrative support to the dean and senior leadership of the office, including managing complex calendars and assisting with event planning, travel arrangements, and office management.

MyHMS: What do you like most about working at HMS?

Vardon: I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone in research operations. Everyone I’ve met at HMS has been so kind and welcoming.