Blood Pressure Drug Benefit

Study shows promising treatment for patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer

Illustration of the inside of a human torso with the pancreas in orange
Image: Magicmine/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Pancreatic cancer is highly lethal, and surgical removal of tumor tissue is currently the only potential cure for most patients. Once the cancer has spread beyond the pancreas, treatment options are limited.

A recent phase 2 clinical trial led by Harvard Medical School researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital identified a promising combination treatment regimen for patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer, meaning that their cancer had spread, but only to nearby tissue.

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The trial’s investigators have now identified potential mechanisms behind the treatment’s beneficial effects.

The combination therapy — losartan+FFX+CRT — includes the blood pressure drug losartan plus a chemotherapy cocktail called FOLFIRINOX (folinic acid, fluorouracil, irinotecan, and oxaliplatin), followed by chemoradiation.