• May I complete the program part-time?

    Students are permitted to complete the program on a part-time basis. We anticipate that most part-time students will graduate in four years instead of two but we are happy to have individualized discussions about attending part-time with interested applicants.

  • I would like to apply to the program, but I do not have a specific thesis project idea. Can I still apply?

    Yes. We do not require students to have a defined thesis project at the time of application. We do, however, expect that students will have some experience in the field of medical education and the ability to articulate possible research projects/interests.

  • How much time would I need dedicated to the program and coursework?

    We expect full time students to protect approximately 80% of their professional efforts, or approximately 4 days per week, to the program and coursework. Students take 16 credits per semester and the courses require significant effort. Students with excessive competing demands (e.g.: clinical work, outside entrepreneurship) often find the program too challenging. We are very pleased to speak with individual applicants about potential competing demands to ensure each of our students has the time needed to be successful and make the most out of the program experience.

  • What careers do graduates from this program pursue?

    We anticipate that our graduates will be leaders in medical education with a strong commitment to research and scholarship.

  • How much travel would I need to commit to? Would the program cover travel expenses?

    This program is offered live virtually and does not require attendance at in-person events to complete the program. If a student opts to participate, there are two opportunities for travel to Boston, both of which students will need to pay for their own travel and related expenses.

    1. Students may travel to participate in an optional brief on campus learning experience at the beginning of the second year of the program.
    2. Students will have the option to come to Boston for graduation.