Use of the Harvard Name


Harvard University has promulgated a policy on “Use of Harvard Names and Insignias” which applies to the use of the “Harvard” name (and logos) by faculty members and others, including Harvard programs and affiliates, and has also promulgated associated guidelines on “Use of the Harvard Name in Internet Addresses, Domain Names, Web Sites and Other Electronic Context” and on “Guidelines for Responding to Requests from Third Parties for Endorsements.” These University documents can be found in their entirety at the Provost’s website: In accordance with the Harvard name policy, the Medical School has also promulgated supplemental rules consistent with the University policy and guidelines. The purpose of this memorandum is to highlight the major points of the University policy and guidelines and to set forth the Medical School’s supplemental rules and the process for review and approval of the use of the Harvard name at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

To use the Harvard University Name and Logo:

All requests for using the Harvard University name and logo should be directed to the Harvard Trademark Program, Office of the Provost at Additional resources offered by this office can be found by visiting:

To use the Harvard Medical School Name and Logo:

All requests along with any artwork, screenshots or attachments (if applicable) must be submitted here for approval by the HMS Use of Name Committee. Complete materials received will be reviewed and addressed within a month. Incomplete requests may be subject to potential delays for response.

HMS Use of Name Policy:

Read a detailed policy of the HMS Use of Name.

HMS Use of Name Committee Members:

  • Gretchen Brodnicki, Dean for Research Integrity
  • Laura DeCoste, Interim Chief Communications Officer
  • Jules Dienstag, Interim Dean for Faculty Affairs, Carl W. Walter Professor of Medicine
  • Mike Campbell, Use of Name Coordinator

Use of Name at a Glance

To Use the Harvard Medical School Name and Logo:

  •  Promotional Materials (e.g., gifts, outerwear, umbrellas, USB drives) – All requests and associated artwork must be submitted here for HMS Use of Name Committee approval. Contact the Harvard Trademark Program at, in advance, to ensure your vendor is approved by the university. A lead time of one month prior to your anticipated event is required.
  • Textbooks, Trade Books and Related Published Works – All requests must be sent to Nancy Ferrari, Managing Editor, Harvard Health Publications for approval, including a copy to the HMS Use of Name Committee at
  • Third Party Endorsements – All requests for the use of the University or Medical School shield or other insignia will not generally be permitted. Photographs of identifiable Harvard landmarks, buildings, statutes, etc. which imply an endorsement of a product or service are not permissible. For questions, complete the online request form here.

To Establish or Verify a Harvard Medical Program (Center, Institute, Division, etc.):

Visit the office of Academic and Clinical Affairs.

HMS Identity Website for Logos and Branding Information:

Need to access your department logo for a memo? Want to know what type face to use on a brochure? HMS has a robust identity website where you can access all of the information necessary to make sure your branding needs are met. Visit and use your ecommons username and password to access the site, which includes brand guidelines and downloadable logo files. For branding inquiries, please contact

HMS Quad-Based Resource

To Order HMS Branded Print:

HMS faculty and staff who need to purchase branded print materials, such as business cards or letterhead, can do so in just a few simple steps by going through the HMS procurement system and selecting "Flagship Press" from the HCOM Marketplace.