Charitable Gift Calculator

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A Win-Win

A charitable gift annuity at Harvard Medical School is a win-win, especially during these uncertain times.

That’s because you and/or a loved one receive fixed income for life while also supporting the top medical school in the nation in its mission to alleviate human suffering caused by disease.

Income rates are based on your age or the age of your beneficiary at the time payments commence. Current gift annuity rates are 6% for donors age 70 and 7.7% for donors age 80.

Complete the form below to calculate your income for life and tax benefits or contact us for a personal gift illustration or for information on deferred gift annuities, which provide income payments at a later date. 















A Sure Thing: Give and Receive with a CGA

Contact us for a personal gift illustration:


Karen S. Turpin
Senior Director of Gift Planning
(617) 384-8449 or (800) 922-1782