About Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute

The Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute's Department of Population Medicine was founded in 1992 as a research and teaching partnership between Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Harvard Medical School. It is the nation’s first medical school appointing department based in a health plan. With a focus on innovative research and teaching that emphasizes prevention and the care of defined populations, the Institute’s mission is to improve health care delivery and population health through research and education, in partnership with health plans, delivery systems, and public health agencies.

The Institute’s mission and activities are highly consonant with the National Academy of Medicine’s advocacy for a national Learning Health System – one that incorporates evidence-based practices into routine care, captures new knowledge as part of the ongoing delivery of care, and then applies new knowledge in a timely manner. Through a range of collaborative relationships with health plans and health delivery systems, the faculty designs, implements, and analyzes novel approaches to solving some of the nation’s most pressing problems of prevention, treatment of disease, and public health.

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