Visiting Committee

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Visiting Committee

The Harvard University Board of Overseers appoints a Visiting Committee to report on each school, department or administrative unit at the University. Each committee is typically chaired by an Overseer, and includes as members alumni active in the field and experts from outside Harvard.

Chair: Gilbert S. Omenn, MD ‘65

Henry J. Aaron, AM ’60, PhD ‘64
Susan L. Carney (Overseer), AB ’73, JD ‘77
Morgan Chu (Overseer), JD ‘76
Walter Clair (Overseer), AB ’77, MD ’81, ‘85
Allan J. Formicola, DDS
Don Ganem, AB ’72, MD ‘77
Susan Gottesman, PhD ’72
David L. Heymann, MD
Eve J. Higginbotham (Overseer), MD ‘79
David D. Ho, MD ‘78
W. Carl Kester, MBA ’77, PhD ‘81
Robert Langer, DSc
Joseph M. Molina, MD
Lonnie H. Norris, DMD ’76, MPH ‘77
David C. Page, MD ‘84
Gail R. Wilensky, PhD



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of the best people committed to leadership in

alleviating human suffering caused by disease