Paper Chase

Paper Chase is a research database designed to offer abstracts of research articles published in journals that have a highly rated impact factor as determined by ISI Impact Factor and PageRank. Abstracts are organized by date, with the most recently published papers listed first.

The New England journal of medicine
Authors: Brunoni AR, Moffa AH, Sampaio-Junior B, Borrione L, Moreno ML, Fernandes RA, Veronezi BP, Nogueira BS, Aparicio LVM, Razza LB, Chamorro R, Tort LC, Fraguas R, Lotufo PA, Gattaz WF, Fregni F, Benseñor IM
06 29, 2017
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Authors: Ropper AE, Thakor DK, Han I, Yu D, Zeng X, Anderson JE, Aljuboori Z, Kim SW, Wang H, Sidman RL, Zafonte RD, Teng YD
01 31, 2017
Lancet (London, England)
Authors: Schaller SJ, Anstey M, Blobner M, Edrich T, Grabitz SD, Gradwohl-Matis I, Heim M, Houle T, Kurth T, Latronico N, Lee J, Meyer MJ, Peponis T, Talmor D, Velmahos GC, Waak K, Walz JM, Zafonte R, Eikermann M
Oct 01, 2016
The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience
Authors: Wu X, Zou Q, Hu J, Tang W, Mao Y, Gao L, Zhu J, Jin Y, Wu X, Lu L, Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Dai Z, Gao JH, Weng X, Zhou L, Northoff G, Giacino JT, He Y, Yang Y
Sep 16, 2015
Authors: Jain NB, Ayers GD, Peterson EN, Harris MB, Morse L, O'Connor KC, Garshick E
Jun 09, 2015
Authors: Latham NK, Bean JF, Jette AM
Jun 18, 2014
Authors: Suri P, Rainville J, Kalichman L, Katz JN
Dec 15, 2010
Authors: Hochberg LR, Serruya MD, Friehs GM, Mukand JA, Saleh M, Caplan AH, Branner A, Chen D, Penn RD, Donoghue JP
Jul 13, 2006
Lancet (London, England)
Authors: Kerrigan DC, Todd MK, Riley PO
May 09, 1998
The New England journal of medicine
Authors: Hillberg RE, Johnson DC
Dec 11, 1997