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Nature communications
Apr 03, 2020 11 (1) 1679
Vol. 11, Issue 1, Medline Page 1679

Angiotensin II induces coordinated calcium bursts in aldosterone-producing adrenal rosettes.

Authors: Guagliardo NA, Klein PM, Gancayco CA, Lu A, Leng S, Makarem RR, Cho C, Rusin CG, Breault DT, Barrett PQ, Beenhakker MP
Aldosterone-producing zona glomerulosa (zG) cells of the adrenal gland arrange in distinct multi-cellular rosettes that provide a structural framework for adrenal cortex morphogenesis and plasticity. Whether this cyto-architecture also plays functional roles in signaling remains unexplored. To determine if structure informs function, we generated mice with zG-specific expression of GCaMP3 and imaged zG cells within their native rosette structure. Here we demonstrate that within the rosette, angiotensin II evokes periodic Cav3-dependent calcium events that form bursts that are stereotypic in form. Our data reveal a critical role for angiotensin II in regulating burst occurrence, and a multifunctional role for the rosette structure in activity-prolongation and coordination. Combined our data define the calcium burst as the fundamental unit of zG layer activity evoked by angiotensin II and highlight a novel role for the rosette as a facilitator of cell communication.