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Apr 02, 2020 181 (1) 46-62
Vol. 181, Issue 1, Medline Page 46-62

The Emerging Landscape of Immune Cell Therapies.

Authors: Weber EW, Maus MV, Mackall CL
Cell therapies present an entirely new paradigm in drug development. Within this class, immune cell therapies are among the most advanced, having already demonstrated definitive evidence of clinical benefits in cancer and infectious disease. Numerous features distinguish these "living therapies" from traditional medicines, including their ability to expand and contract in proportion to need and to mediate therapeutic benefits for months or years following a single application. Continued advances in fundamental immunology, genetic engineering, gene editing, and synthetic biology exponentially expand opportunities to enhance the sophistication of immune cell therapies, increasing potency and safety and broadening their potential for treatment of disease. This perspective will summarize the current status of immune cell therapies for cancer, infectious disease, and autoimmunity, and discuss advances in cellular engineering to overcome barriers to progress.