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Developmental cell
Feb 10, 2020 52 (3) 261-275
Vol. 52, Issue 3, Medline Page 261-275

Emergence and Developmental Roles of the Cerebrospinal Fluid System.

Authors: Fame RM, Lehtinen MK
We summarize recent work illuminating how cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) regulates brain function. More than a protective fluid cushion and sink for waste, the CSF is an integral CNS component with dynamic and diverse roles emerging in parallel with the developing CNS. This review examines the current understanding about early CSF and its maturation and roles during CNS development and discusses open questions in the field. We focus on developmental changes in the ventricular system and CSF sources (including neural progenitors and choroid plexus). We also discuss concepts related to the development of fluid dynamics including flow, perivascular transport, drainage, and barriers.