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2 9, 2019 566 (7744) E8
Vol. 566, Issue 7744, Medline Page E8

Author Correction: GABAA receptor signalling mechanisms revealed by structural pharmacology.

Authors: Masiulis S, Desai R, Uchański T, Martin IS, Laverty D, Karia D, Malinauskas T, Zivanov J, Pardon E, Kotecha A, Steyaert J, Miller KW, Aricescu AR
In Fig. 5b, d, the arrows showing transmembrane domain rotations were inadvertently pointing clockwise instead of anticlockwise. Similarly, 'anticlockwise' should have been 'clockwise' in the sentence 'This conformational change of the ECD triggers a clockwise rotation of the TMD.' In Extended Data Table 1, the units of the column 'Model resolution' should have been Å instead of Å2. These errors have been corrected online.