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Nutrient-sensitized screening for drugs that shift energy metabolism from mitochondrial respiration to glycolysis.

Nat. Biotechnol.
Gohil VM, Sheth SA, Nilsson R, Wojtovich AP, Lee JH, Perocchi F, Chen W, Clish CB, Ayata C, Brookes PS, Mootha VK.
| 02 14, 2010

The fast track to multidrug resistance.

Mol. Cell.
Kaufmann BB, Hung DT.
| Feb 12, 2010

Suppression of Wnt signaling by Dkk1 attenuates PTH-mediated stromal cell response and new bone formation.

Cell Metab.
Guo J, Liu M, Yang D, Bouxsein ML, Saito H, Galvin RJ, Kuhstoss SA, Thomas CC, Schipani E, Baron R, Bringhurst FR, Kronenberg HM.
| Feb 03, 2010

The histone deacetylase Sirt6 regulates glucose homeostasis via Hif1alpha.

Zhong L, D'Urso A, Toiber D, Sebastian C, Henry RE, Vadysirisack DD, Guimaraes A, Marinelli B, Wikstrom JD, Nir T, Clish CB, Vaitheesvaran B, Iliopoulos O, Kurland I, Dor Y, Weissleder R, Shirihai OS, Ellisen LW, Espinosa JM, Mostoslavsky R.
| Jan 22, 2010

MYC regulation of a "poor-prognosis" metastatic cancer cell state.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Wolfer A, Wittner BS, Irimia D, Flavin RJ, Lupien M, Gunawardane RN, Meyer CA, Lightcap ES, Tamayo P, Mesirov JP, Liu XS, Shioda T, Toner M, Loda M, Brown M, Brugge JS, Ramaswamy S.
| Feb 23, 2010

Engineered vascularized bone grafts.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Tsigkou O, Pomerantseva I, Spencer JA, Redondo PA, Hart AR, O'Doherty E, Lin Y, Friedrich CC, Daheron L, Lin CP, Sundback CA, Vacanti JP, Neville C.
| Feb 23, 2010

Case records of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Case 3-2010. A 5-month-old boy with developmental delay and irritability.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Krishnamoorthy KS, Eichler FS, Goyal NA, Small JE, Snuderl M.
| Jan 28, 2010

Loss of function of ATXN1 increases amyloid beta-protein levels by potentiating beta-secretase processing of beta-amyloid precursor protein.

J. Biol. Chem.
Zhang C, Browne A, Child D, Divito JR, Stevenson JA, Tanzi RE.
| Mar 19, 2010

Case records of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Case 2-2010. A 47-year-old man with abdominal and flank pain.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Isselbacher EM, Kligerman SJ, Lam KM, Hurtado RM.
| Jan 21, 2010

Williams-Beuren syndrome.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Pober BR.
| Jan 21, 2010

A region of the human HOXD cluster that confers polycomb-group responsiveness.

Woo CJ, Kharchenko PV, Daheron L, Park PJ, Kingston RE.
| Jan 08, 2010

A plasma signature of human mitochondrial disease revealed through metabolic profiling of spent media from cultured muscle cells.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Shaham O, Slate NG, Goldberger O, Xu Q, Ramanathan A, Souza AL, Clish CB, Sims KB, Mootha VK.
| Jan 26, 2010

HOXB9, a gene overexpressed in breast cancer, promotes tumorigenicity and lung metastasis.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Hayashida T, Takahashi F, Chiba N, Brachtel E, Takahashi M, Godin-Heymann N, Gross KW, Vivanco Md, Wijendran V, Shioda T, Sgroi D, Donahoe PK, Maheswaran S.
| Jan 19, 2010

The IFITM proteins mediate cellular resistance to influenza A H1N1 virus, West Nile virus, and dengue virus.

Brass AL, Huang IC, Benita Y, John SP, Krishnan MN, Feeley EM, Ryan BJ, Weyer JL, van der Weyden L, Fikrig E, Adams DJ, Xavier RJ, Farzan M, Elledge SJ.
| Dec 24, 2009

Case records of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Case 41-2009. A 16-year-old boy with hypothermia and frostbite.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Sheridan RL, Goldstein MA, Stoddard FJ, Walker TG.
| Dec 31, 2009

A reprogrammable mouse strain from gene-targeted embryonic stem cells.

Nat. Methods.
Stadtfeld M, Maherali N, Borkent M, Hochedlinger K.
| 12 13, 2009

The mitochondrial pathway of anesthetic isoflurane-induced apoptosis.

J. Biol. Chem.
Zhang Y, Dong Y, Wu X, Lu Y, Xu Z, Knapp A, Yue Y, Xu T, Xie Z.
| Feb 05, 2010

Case Records of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Case 38-2009 - a 16-year-old boy with paroxysmal headaches and visual changes.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Brass SD, Dinkin MJ, Williams Z, Krishnamoorthy KS, Copen WA, Freeman SH.
| Dec 10, 2009

Checkpoint Mec-tivation comes in many flavors.

Mol. Cell.
Zou L.
| Dec 11, 2009