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Anatomically and Functionally Distinct Lung Mesenchymal Populations Marked by Lgr5 and Lgr6.

Lee JH, Tammela T, Hofree M, Choi J, Marjanovic ND, Han S, Canner D, Wu K, Paschini M, Bhang DH, Jacks T, Regev A, Kim CF.
| Sep 07, 2017

Macromolecular Assemblies of the Mammalian Circadian Clock.

Mol. Cell.
Aryal RP, Kwak PB, Tamayo AG, Gebert M, Chiu PL, Walz T, Weitz CJ.
| Sep 07, 2017

Evolving Models of Heterochromatin: From Foci to Liquid Droplets.

Mol. Cell.
Tatarakis A, Behrouzi R, Moazed D.
| Sep 07, 2017

Microglia emerge as central players in brain disease.

Nat. Med.
Salter MW, Stevens B.
| Sep 08, 2017

Kinesin superfamily protein Kif26b links Wnt5a-Ror signaling to the control of cell and tissue behaviors in vertebrates.

Susman MW, Karuna EP, Kunz RC, Gujral TS, Cantú AV, Choi SS, Jong BY, Okada K, Scales MK, Hum J, Hu LS, Kirschner MW, Nishinakamura R, Yamada S, Laird DJ, Jao LE, Gygi SP, Greenberg ME, Ho HH.
| Sep 08, 2017

The road to Crohn's disease.

Kaser A, Blumberg RS.
| Sep 08, 2017

Dopamine oxidation mediates mitochondrial and lysosomal dysfunction in Parkinson's disease.

Burbulla LF, Song P, Mazzulli JR, Zampese E, Wong YC, Jeon S, Santos DP, Blanz J, Obermaier CD, Strojny C, Savas JN, Kiskinis E, Zhuang X, Krüger R, Surmeier DJ, Krainc D.
| Sep 22, 2017

The ULK3 Kinase Is Critical for Convergent Control of Cancer-Associated Fibroblast Activation by CSL and GLI.

Cell Rep.
Goruppi S, Procopio MG, Jo S, Clocchiatti A, Neel V, Dotto GP.
| Sep 05, 2017

Autophagy-Independent Lysosomal Targeting Regulated by ULK1/2-FIP200 and ATG9.

Cell Rep.
Goodwin JM, Dowdle WE, DeJesus R, Wang Z, Bergman P, Kobylarz M, Lindeman A, Xavier RJ, McAllister G, Nyfeler B, Hoffman G, Murphy LO.
| Sep 05, 2017

Local Nucleation of Microtubule Bundles through Tubulin Concentration into a Condensed Tau Phase.

Cell Rep.
Hernández-Vega A, Braun M, Scharrel L, Jahnel M, Wegmann S, Hyman BT, Alberti S, Diez S, Hyman AA.
| Sep 05, 2017

Severe and Difficult-to-Treat Asthma in Adults.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Israel E, Reddel HK.
| Sep 07, 2017

Randomized, Controlled Trials in Health Insurance Systems.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Choudhry NK.
| Sep 07, 2017

The HITECH Era in Retrospect.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Halamka JD, Tripathi M.
| Sep 07, 2017

Mutation in human CLPX elevates levels of δ-aminolevulinate synthase and protoporphyrin IX to promote erythropoietic protoporphyria.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Yien YY, Ducamp S, van der Vorm LN, Kardon JR, Manceau H, Kannengiesser C, Bergonia HA, Kafina MD, Karim Z, Gouya L, Baker TA, Puy H, Phillips JD, Nicolas G, Paw BH.
| Sep 19, 2017

Vision Screening in Children Aged 6 Months to 5 Years: US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement.

Grossman DC, Curry SJ, Owens DK, Barry MJ, Davidson KW, Doubeni CA, Epling JW, Kemper AR, Krist AH, Kurth AE, Landefeld CS, Mangione CM, Phipps MG, Silverstein M, Simon MA, Tseng CW.
| Sep 05, 2017

Using Risk Stratification to Reduce Medical Errors in Cervical Cancer Prevention.

JAMA Intern Med.
Perkins RB, Cain JM, Feldman S.
| Sep 05, 2017