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Low-dose interleukin-2 therapy restores regulatory T cell homeostasis in patients with chronic graft-versus-host disease.

Sci Transl Med.
Matsuoka K, Koreth J, Kim HT, Bascug G, McDonough S, Kawano Y, Murase K, Cutler C, Ho VT, Alyea EP, Armand P, Blazar BR, Antin JH, Soiffer RJ, Ritz J.
| Apr 03, 2013

Influence of metabolism on epigenetics and disease.

Kaelin WG, McKnight SL.
| Mar 28, 2013

Lessons from the cancer genome.

Garraway LA, Lander ES.
| Mar 28, 2013

Glutamine supports pancreatic cancer growth through a KRAS-regulated metabolic pathway.

Son J, Lyssiotis CA, Ying H, Wang X, Hua S, Ligorio M, Perera RM, Ferrone CR, Mullarky E, Shyh-Chang N, Kang Y, Fleming JB, Bardeesy N, Asara JM, Haigis MC, DePinho RA, Cantley LC, Kimmelman AC.
| Apr 04, 2013

Amplitude modulation of androgen signaling by c-MYC.

Genes Dev.
Ni M, Chen Y, Fei T, Li D, Lim E, Liu XS, Brown M.
| Apr 01, 2013

Exome and whole-genome sequencing of esophageal adenocarcinoma identifies recurrent driver events and mutational complexity.

Nat. Genet.
Dulak AM, Stojanov P, Peng S, Lawrence MS, Fox C, Stewart C, Bandla S, Imamura Y, Schumacher SE, Shefler E, McKenna A, Carter SL, Cibulskis K, Sivachenko A, Saksena G, Voet D, Ramos AH, Auclair D, Thompson K, Sougnez C, Onofrio RC, Guiducci C, Beroukhim R, Zhou Z, Lin L, Lin J, Reddy R, Chang A, Landrenau R, Pennathur A, Ogino S, Luketich JD, Golub TR, Gabriel SB, Lander ES, Beer DG, Godfrey TE, Getz G, Bass AJ.
| 03 24, 2013

Chromatin remodeling at DNA double-strand breaks.

Price BD, D'Andrea AD.
| Mar 14, 2013

BCL-2 inhibition: stemming the tide of myeloid malignancies.

Cell Stem Cell.
Hogdal LJ, Letai A.
| Mar 07, 2013

Structure and ubiquitination-dependent activation of TANK-binding kinase 1.

Cell Rep.
Tu D, Zhu Z, Zhou AY, Yun CH, Lee KE, Toms AV, Li Y, Dunn GP, Chan E, Thai T, Yang S, Ficarro SB, Marto JA, Jeon H, Hahn WC, Barbie DA, Eck MJ.
| Mar 28, 2013

IKKε-mediated tumorigenesis requires K63-linked polyubiquitination by a cIAP1/cIAP2/TRAF2 E3 ubiquitin ligase complex.

Cell Rep.
Zhou AY, Shen RR, Kim E, Lock YJ, Xu M, Chen ZJ, Hahn WC.
| Mar 28, 2013

Complementary genomic screens identify SERCA as a therapeutic target in NOTCH1 mutated cancer.

Cancer Cell.
Roti G, Carlton A, Ross KN, Markstein M, Pajcini K, Su AH, Perrimon N, Pear WS, Kung AL, Blacklow SC, Aster JC, Stegmaier K.
| Mar 18, 2013

First-line treatment of indolent lymphoma: axing CHOP?

Jacobson CA, Freedman AS.
| Apr 06, 2013

PGC1α expression defines a subset of human melanoma tumors with increased mitochondrial capacity and resistance to oxidative stress.

Cancer Cell.
Vazquez F, Lim JH, Chim H, Bhalla K, Girnun G, Pierce K, Clish CB, Granter SR, Widlund HR, Spiegelman BM, Puigserver P.
| Mar 18, 2013

Evolution and impact of subclonal mutations in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Landau DA, Carter SL, Stojanov P, McKenna A, Stevenson K, Lawrence MS, Sougnez C, Stewart C, Sivachenko A, Wang L, Wan Y, Zhang W, Shukla SA, Vartanov A, Fernandes SM, Saksena G, Cibulskis K, Tesar B, Gabriel S, Hacohen N, Meyerson M, Lander ES, Neuberg D, Brown JR, Getz G, Wu CJ.
| Feb 14, 2013

ABT-199: taking dead aim at BCL-2.

Cancer Cell.
Davids MS, Letai A.
| Feb 11, 2013

Direct activation of full-length proapoptotic BAK.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Leshchiner ES, Braun CR, Bird GH, Walensky LD.
| Mar 12, 2013

(R)-2-hydroxyglutarate is sufficient to promote leukemogenesis and its effects are reversible.

Losman JA, Looper RE, Koivunen P, Lee S, Schneider RK, McMahon C, Cowley GS, Root DE, Ebert BL, Kaelin WG.
| Mar 29, 2013

Adaptive thermogenesis in adipocytes: is beige the new brown?

Genes Dev.
Wu J, Cohen P, Spiegelman BM.
| Feb 01, 2013

Service: an essential component of graduate medical education.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Kesselheim JC, Cassel CK.
| Feb 07, 2013