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Engineering a highly elastic human protein-based sealant for surgical applications.

Sci Transl Med.
Annabi N, Zhang YN, Assmann A, Sani ES, Cheng G, Lassaletta AD, Vegh A, Dehghani B, Ruiz-Esparza GU, Wang X, Gangadharan S, Weiss AS, Khademhosseini A.
| Oct 04, 2017

Clonal Hematopoiesis and Atherosclerosis.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Jaiswal S, Natarajan P, Ebert BL.
| 10 05, 2017

Making Patients and Doctors Happier - The Potential of Patient-Reported Outcomes.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Rotenstein LS, Huckman RS, Wagle NW.
| Oct 05, 2017

Challenges in the Design and Interpretation of Noninferiority Trials.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Mauri L, D'Agostino RB.
| Oct 05, 2017

Characteristics of Novel Therapeutics and Postmarket Safety Events-Reply.

Downing NS, Shah ND, Ross JS.
| 09 19, 2017

Lung Cancer Mortality Associated With Smoking and Smoking Cessation Among People Living With HIV in the United States.

JAMA Intern Med.
Reddy KP, Kong CY, Hyle EP, Baggett TP, Huang M, Parker RA, Paltiel AD, Losina E, Weinstein MC, Freedberg KA, Walensky RP.
| Nov 01, 2017

Strategies That Delay Market Entry of Generic Drugs.

JAMA Intern Med.
Vokinger KN, Kesselheim AS, Avorn J, Sarpatwari A.
| Nov 01, 2017

Mechanistic understanding of in vivo protein corona formation on polymeric nanoparticles and impact on pharmacokinetics.

Nat Commun.
Bertrand N, Grenier P, Mahmoudi M, Lima EM, Appel EA, Dormont F, Lim JM, Karnik R, Langer R, Farokhzad OC.
| Oct 03, 2017

Mapping allele with resolved carrier status of Robertsonian and reciprocal translocation in human preimplantation embryos.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Xu J, Zhang Z, Niu W, Yang Q, Yao G, Shi S, Jin H, Song W, Chen L, Zhang X, Guo Y, Su Y, Hu L, Zhai J, Zhang Y, Dong F, Gao Y, Li W, Bo S, Hu M, Ren J, Huang L, Lu S, Xie XS, Sun Y.
| Oct 10, 2017

A gut feeling about multiple sclerosis.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Quintana FJ, Prinz M.
| Oct 03, 2017

Age Differences in Hospital Mortality for Acute Myocardial Infarction: Implications for Hospital Profiling.

Ann. Intern. Med.
Dharmarajan K, McNamara RL, Wang Y, Masoudi FA, Ross JS, Spatz EE, Desai NR, de Lemos JA, Fonarow GC, Heidenreich PA, Bhatt DL, Bernheim SM, Slattery LE, Khan YM, Curtis JP.
| Oct 17, 2017

Delirium in Older Persons: Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment.

Oh ES, Fong TG, Hshieh TT, Inouye SK.
| 09 26, 2017

Coordinated Splicing of Regulatory Detained Introns within Oncogenic Transcripts Creates an Exploitable Vulnerability in Malignant Glioma.

Cancer Cell.
Braun CJ, Stanciu M, Boutz PL, Patterson JC, Calligaris D, Higuchi F, Neupane R, Fenoglio S, Cahill DP, Wakimoto H, Agar NYR, Yaffe MB, Sharp PA, Hemann MT, Lees JA.
| Oct 09, 2017

ApoE4 markedly exacerbates tau-mediated neurodegeneration in a mouse model of tauopathy.

Shi Y, Yamada K, Liddelow SA, Smith ST, Zhao L, Luo W, Tsai RM, Spina S, Grinberg LT, Rojas JC, Gallardo G, Wang K, Roh J, Robinson G, Finn MB, Jiang H, Sullivan PM, Baufeld C, Wood MW, Sutphen C, McCue L, Xiong C, Del-Aguila JL, Morris JC, Cruchaga C, Fagan AM, Miller BL, Boxer AL, Seeley WW, Butovsky O, Barres BA, Paul SM, Holtzman DM.
| Sep 28, 2017

The WHHERE coactivator complex is required for retinoic acid-dependent regulation of embryonic symmetry.

Nat Commun.
Vilhais-Neto GC, Fournier M, Plassat JL, Sardiu ME, Saraf A, Garnier JM, Maruhashi M, Florens L, Washburn MP, Pourquié O.
| Sep 28, 2017

Lost in Thought - The Limits of the Human Mind and the Future of Medicine.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Obermeyer Z, Lee TH.
| Sep 28, 2017

Beating, Fast and Slow.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Fazel R, Smith A, Nallamothu BK.
| 09 28, 2017

Physical activity lowers mortality and heart disease risks.

Goenka S, Lee IM.
| Sep 21, 2017