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The p85 isoform of the kinase S6K1 functions as a secreted oncoprotein to facilitate cell migration and tumor growth.

Sci Signal.
Zhang J, Guo J, Qin X, Wang B, Zhang L, Wang Y, Gan W, Pandolfi PP, Chen W, Wei W.
| 03 27, 2018

Skp2-dependent reactivation of AKT drives resistance to PI3K inhibitors.

Sci Signal.
Clement E, Inuzuka H, Nihira NT, Wei W, Toker A.
| Mar 13, 2018

Splenic leukocytes define the resolution of inflammation in heart failure.

Sci Signal.
Halade GV, Norris PC, Kain V, Serhan CN, Ingle KA.
| Mar 06, 2018

Inflammatory but not mitogenic contexts prime synovial fibroblasts for compensatory signaling responses to p38 inhibition.

Sci Signal.
Jones DS, Jenney AP, Joughin BA, Sorger PK, Lauffenburger DA.
| Mar 06, 2018

Integrated in vivo multiomics analysis identifies p21-activated kinase signaling as a driver of colitis.

Sci Signal.
Lyons J, Brubaker DK, Ghazi PC, Baldwin KR, Edwards A, Boukhali M, Strasser SD, Suarez-Lopez L, Lin YJ, Yajnik V, Kissil JL, Haas W, Lauffenburger DA, Haigis KM.
| Feb 27, 2018

EGFR-induced cytoskeletal changes drive complex cell behaviors: The tip of the iceberg.

Sci Signal.
Chiasson-MacKenzie C, McClatchey AI.
| Jan 30, 2018

Structural principles of tumor necrosis factor superfamily signaling.

Sci Signal.
Vanamee ÉS, Faustman DL.
| Jan 02, 2018

Oncogenic PI3K promotes methionine dependency in breast cancer cells through the cystine-glutamate antiporter xCT.

Sci Signal.
Lien EC, Ghisolfi L, Geck RC, Asara JM, Toker A.
| Dec 19, 2017

MAFB enhances oncogenic Notch signaling in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Sci Signal.
Pajcini KV, Xu L, Shao L, Petrovic J, Palasiewicz K, Ohtani Y, Bailis W, Lee C, Wertheim GB, Mani R, Muthusamy N, Li Y, Meijerink JPP, Blacklow SC, Faryabi RB, Cherry S, Pear WS.
| 11 14, 2017

The adaptor molecule RIAM integrates signaling events critical for integrin-mediated control of immune function and cancer progression.

Sci Signal.
Patsoukis N, Bardhan K, Weaver JD, Sari D, Torres-Gomez A, Li L, Strauss L, Lafuente EM, Boussiotis VA.
| Aug 22, 2017

An engineered S1P chaperone attenuates hypertension and ischemic injury.

Sci Signal.
Swendeman SL, Xiong Y, Cantalupo A, Yuan H, Burg N, Hisano Y, Cartier A, Liu CH, Engelbrecht E, Blaho V, Zhang Y, Yanagida K, Galvani S, Obinata H, Salmon JE, Sanchez T, Di Lorenzo A, Hla T.
| Aug 15, 2017

A cluster of immunoresolvents links coagulation to innate host defense in human blood.

Sci Signal.
Norris PC, Libreros S, Chiang N, Serhan CN.
| Aug 01, 2017

Nrf2 inactivation enhances placental angiogenesis in a preeclampsia mouse model and improves maternal and fetal outcomes.

Sci Signal.
Nezu M, Souma T, Yu L, Sekine H, Takahashi N, Wei AZ, Ito S, Fukamizu A, Zsengeller ZK, Nakamura T, Hozawa A, Karumanchi SA, Suzuki N, Yamamoto M.
| May 16, 2017

DDiT4L promotes autophagy and inhibits pathological cardiac hypertrophy in response to stress.

Sci Signal.
Simonson B, Subramanya V, Chan MC, Zhang A, Franchino H, Ottaviano F, Mishra MK, Knight AC, Hunt D, Ghiran I, Khurana TS, Kontaridis MI, Rosenzweig A, Das S.
| Feb 28, 2017

Pentraxin-3 is a PI3K signaling target that promotes stem cell-like traits in basal-like breast cancers.

Sci Signal.
Thomas C, Henry W, Cuiffo BG, Collmann AY, Marangoni E, Benhamo V, Bhasin MK, Fan C, Fuhrmann L, Baldwin AS, Perou C, Vincent-Salomon A, Toker A, Karnoub AE.
| Feb 21, 2017