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Intergenerational transfer of antibiotic-perturbed microbiota enhances colitis in susceptible mice.

Nat Microbiol.
Schulfer AF, Battaglia T, Alvarez Y, Bijnens L, Ruiz VE, Ho M, Robinson S, Ward T, Cox LM, Rogers AB, Knights D, Sartor RB, Blaser MJ.
| Nov 27, 2017

Activation of Vibrio cholerae quorum sensing promotes survival of an arthropod host.

Nat Microbiol.
Kamareddine L, Wong ACN, Vanhove AS, Hang S, Purdy AE, Kierek-Pearson K, Asara JM, Ali A, Morris JG, Watnick PI.
| Nov 27, 2017

A CRISPR-Cas9-based gene drive platform for genetic interaction analysis in Candida albicans.

Nat Microbiol.
Shapiro RS, Chavez A, Porter CBM, Hamblin M, Kaas CS, DiCarlo JE, Zeng G, Xu X, Revtovich AV, Kirienko NV, Wang Y, Church GM, Collins JJ.
| Oct 23, 2017

Fluorescent D-amino-acids reveal bi-cellular cell wall modifications important for Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus predation.

Nat Microbiol.
Kuru E, Lambert C, Rittichier J, Till R, Ducret A, Derouaux A, Gray J, Biboy J, Vollmer W, VanNieuwenhze M, Brun YV, Sockett RE.
| 10 03, 2017

A viral protein antibiotic inhibits lipid II flippase activity.

Nat Microbiol.
Chamakura KR, Sham LT, Davis RM, Min L, Cho H, Ruiz N, Bernhardt TG, Young R.
| 09 11, 2017

Illuminating vital surface molecules of symbionts in health and disease.

Nat Microbiol.
Hudak JE, Alvarez D, Skelly A, von Andrian UH, Kasper DL.
| Jun 26, 2017

Co-infecting microorganisms dramatically alter pathogen gene essentiality during polymicrobial infection.

Nat Microbiol.
Ibberson CB, Stacy A, Fleming D, Dees JL, Rumbaugh K, Gilmore MS, Whiteley M.
| May 30, 2017

Metabolic anticipation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Nat Microbiol.
Eoh H, Wang Z, Layre E, Rath P, Morris R, Branch Moody D, Rhee KY.
| May 22, 2017

Reply to 'Questioning antiviral RNAi in mammals'.

Nat Microbiol.
Jeffrey KL, Li Y, Ding SW.
| Apr 25, 2017

Widespread distribution of encapsulin nanocompartments reveals functional diversity.

Nat Microbiol.
Giessen TW, Silver PA.
| Mar 06, 2017

Plasmodium falciparum CRK4 directs continuous rounds of DNA replication during schizogony.

Nat Microbiol.
Ganter M, Goldberg JM, Dvorin JD, Paulo JA, King JG, Tripathi AK, Paul AS, Yang J, Coppens I, Jiang RH, Elsworth B, Baker DA, Dinglasan RR, Gygi SP, Duraisingh MT.
| Feb 17, 2017

Programmable transcriptional repression in mycobacteria using an orthogonal CRISPR interference platform.

Nat Microbiol.
Rock JM, Hopkins FF, Chavez A, Diallo M, Chase MR, Gerrick ER, Pritchard JR, Church GM, Rubin EJ, Sassetti CM, Schnappinger D, Fortune SM.
| Feb 06, 2017

CozE is a member of the MreCD complex that directs cell elongation in Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Nat Microbiol.
Fenton AK, Mortaji LE, Lau DT, Rudner DZ, Bernhardt TG.
| Dec 12, 2016

Induction and suppression of antiviral RNA interference by influenza A virus in mammalian cells.

Nat Microbiol.
Li Y, Basavappa M, Lu J, Dong S, Cronkite DA, Prior JT, Reinecker HC, Hertzog P, Han Y, Li WX, Cheloufi S, Karginov FV, Ding SW, Jeffrey KL.
| Dec 05, 2016

A mouse model for MERS coronavirus-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Nat Microbiol.
Cockrell AS, Yount BL, Scobey T, Jensen K, Douglas M, Beall A, Tang XC, Marasco WA, Heise MT, Baric RS.
| Nov 28, 2016

An HIV-1 antibody from an elite neutralizer implicates the fusion peptide as a site of vulnerability.

Nat Microbiol.
van Gils MJ, van den Kerkhof TL, Ozorowski G, Cottrell CA, Sok D, Pauthner M, Pallesen J, de Val N, Yasmeen A, de Taeye SW, Schorcht A, Gumbs S, Johanna I, Saye-Francisco K, Liang CH, Landais E, Nie X, Pritchard LK, Crispin M, Kelsoe G, Wilson IA, Schuitemaker H, Klasse PJ, Moore JP, Burton DR, Ward AB, Sanders RW.
| Nov 14, 2016

A quorum-sensing signal promotes host tolerance training through HDAC1-mediated epigenetic reprogramming.

Nat Microbiol.
Bandyopadhaya A, Tsurumi A, Maura D, Jeffrey KL, Rahme LG.
| Oct 03, 2016

Interplay between microbial d-amino acids and host d-amino acid oxidase modifies murine mucosal defence and gut microbiota.

Nat Microbiol.
Sasabe J, Miyoshi Y, Rakoff-Nahoum S, Zhang T, Mita M, Davis BM, Hamase K, Waldor MK.
| Jul 25, 2016

A competitive trade-off limits the selective advantage of increased antibiotic production.

Nat Microbiol.
Gerardin Y, Springer M, Kishony R.
| Sep 26, 2016