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Introduction to the special section health plan payment in regulated competition.

J Health Econ.
McGuire TG, van Kleef RC.
| Sep 15, 2017

Health care demand elasticities by type of service.

J Health Econ.
Ellis RP, Martins B, Zhu W.
| 07 29, 2017

The long term effects of "Consumer-Directed" health plans on preventive care use.

J Health Econ.
Eisenberg MD, Haviland AM, Mehrotra A, Huckfeldt PJ, Sood N.
| 06 27, 2017

Paying medicare advantage plans: To level or tilt the playing field.

J Health Econ.
Glazer J, McGuire TG.
| Dec 29, 2016

Do hospital-owned skilled nursing facilities provide better post-acute care quality?

J Health Econ.
Rahman M, Norton EC, Grabowski DC.
| 09 03, 2016

Tradeoffs in the design of health plan payment systems: Fit, power and balance.

J Health Econ.
Geruso M, McGuire TG.
| 02 10, 2016

Do "Consumer-Directed" health plans bend the cost curve over time?

J Health Econ.
Haviland AM, Eisenberg MD, Mehrotra A, Huckfeldt PJ, Sood N.
| 01 14, 2016

Using provider performance incentives to increase HIV testing and counseling services in Rwanda.

J Health Econ.
de Walque D, Gertler PJ, Bautista-Arredondo S, Kwan A, Vermeersch C, de Dieu Bizimana J, Binagwaho A, Condo J.
| 12 12, 2014

Competitive bidding in Medicare Advantage: effect of benchmark changes on plan bids.

J Health Econ.
Song Z, Landrum MB, Chernew ME.
| 09 19, 2012

Integrating risk adjustment and enrollee premiums in health plan payment.

J Health Econ.
McGuire TG, Glazer J, Newhouse JP, Normand SL, Shi J, Sinaiko AD, Zuvekas SH.
| 05 17, 2012

Medicare prospective payment and the volume and intensity of skilled nursing facility services.

J Health Econ.
Grabowski DC, Afendulis CC, McGuire TG.
| 06 06, 2011

Moral hazard in nursing home use.

J Health Econ.
Grabowski DC, Gruber J.
| May 01, 2007

Service-level selection by HMOs in Medicare.

J Health Econ.
Cao Z, McGuire TG.
| 11 8, 2003

Measuring adverse selection in managed health care.

J Health Econ.
Frank RG, Glazer J, McGuire TG.
| 2 24, 2001

New evidence on the relationship between income and health.

J Health Econ.
Ettner SL.
| 1 8, 1996

Incentive regulation of nursing homes.

J Health Econ.
Norton EC.
| 7 7, 1992