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Phosphorylation of IRE1 at S729 regulates RIDD in B cells and antibody production after immunization.

J. Cell Biol.
Tang CA, Chang S, Paton AW, Paton JC, Gabrilovich DI, Ploegh HL, Del Valle JR, Hu CA.
| May 07, 2018

SLAMF1 is required for TLR4-mediated TRAM-TRIF-dependent signaling in human macrophages.

J. Cell Biol.
Yurchenko M, Skjesol A, Ryan L, Richard GM, Kandasamy RK, Wang N, Terhorst C, Husebye H, Espevik T.
| Apr 02, 2018

Heterodimeric capping protein is required for stereocilia length and width regulation.

J. Cell Biol.
Avenarius MR, Krey JF, Dumont RA, Morgan CP, Benson CB, Vijayakumar S, Cunningham CL, Scheffer DI, Corey DP, Müller U, Jones SM, Barr-Gillespie PG.
| 11 06, 2017

lncRNA Chronos is an aging-induced inhibitor of muscle hypertrophy.

J. Cell Biol.
Neppl RL, Wu CL, Walsh K.
| 11 06, 2017

Cyclin A2 modulates kinetochore-microtubule attachment in meiosis II.

J. Cell Biol.
Zhang QH, Yuen WS, Adhikari D, Flegg JA, FitzHarris G, Conti M, Sicinski P, Nabti I, Marangos P, Carroll J.
| 10 02, 2017

Strength in numbers: Phosphofructokinase polymerization prevails in the liver.

J. Cell Biol.
Zaganjor E, Spinelli JB, Haigis MC.
| 08 07, 2017

Multi-omics analysis identifies ATF4 as a key regulator of the mitochondrial stress response in mammals.

J. Cell Biol.
Quirós PM, Prado MA, Zamboni N, D'Amico D, Williams RW, Finley D, Gygi SP, Auwerx J.
| 07 03, 2017

ELKS1 localizes the synaptic vesicle priming protein bMunc13-2 to a specific subset of active zones.

J. Cell Biol.
Kawabe H, Mitkovski M, Kaeser PS, Hirrlinger J, Opazo F, Nestvogel D, Kalla S, Fejtova A, Verrier SE, Bungers SR, Cooper BH, Varoqueaux F, Wang Y, Nehring RB, Gundelfinger ED, Rosenmund C, Rizzoli SO, Südhof TC, Rhee JS, Brose N.
| 04 03, 2017

Navigating challenges in the application of superresolution microscopy.

J. Cell Biol.
Lambert TJ, Waters JC.
| Jan 02, 2017

Mechanistic insights into mammalian stress granule dynamics.

J. Cell Biol.
Panas MD, Ivanov P, Anderson P.
| Nov 07, 2016

Unidirectional Eph/ephrin signaling creates a cortical actomyosin differential to drive cell segregation.

J. Cell Biol.
O'Neill AK, Kindberg AA, Niethamer TK, Larson AR, Ho HH, Greenberg ME, Bush JO.
| Oct 24, 2016

Structural, super-resolution microscopy analysis of paraspeckle nuclear body organization.

J. Cell Biol.
West JA, Mito M, Kurosaka S, Takumi T, Tanegashima C, Chujo T, Yanaka K, Kingston RE, Hirose T, Bond C, Fox A, Nakagawa S.
| 09 26, 2016

The importance of serine metabolism in cancer.

J. Cell Biol.
Mattaini KR, Sullivan MR, Vander Heiden MG.
| 08 01, 2016

Lysosome acidification by photoactivated nanoparticles restores autophagy under lipotoxicity.

J. Cell Biol.
Trudeau KM, Colby AH, Zeng J, Las G, Feng JH, Grinstaff MW, Shirihai OS.
| 07 04, 2016