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The wear and tear on health: What is the role of occupation?

Health Econ.
Ravesteijn B, Kippersluis HV, Doorslaer EV.
| Sep 13, 2017

A bias-adjusted evidence synthesis of RCT and observational data: the case of total hip replacement.

Health Econ.
Schnell-Inderst P, Iglesias CP, Arvandi M, Ciani O, Matteucci Gothe R, Peters J, Blom AW, Taylor RS, Siebert U.
| 02 23, 2016

Should Medicare adopt the Veterans Health Administration formulary?

Health Econ.
Frakt AB, Pizer SD, Feldman R.
| 04 19, 2011

Illicit drug use and educational attainment.

Health Econ.
Chatterji P.
| 1 4, 2006
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