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From 3D Organoids back to 2D Enteroids.

Dev. Cell.
Braverman J, Yilmaz ÖH.
| Mar 12, 2018

Myocardial Polyploidization Creates a Barrier to Heart Regeneration in Zebrafish.

Dev. Cell.
González-Rosa JM, Sharpe M, Field D, Soonpaa MH, Field LJ, Burns CE, Burns CG.
| Feb 26, 2018

Dynamic Encoding in the Notch Pathway.

Dev. Cell.
Megason SG.
| Feb 26, 2018

Force Generation via β-Cardiac Myosin, Titin, and α-Actinin Drives Cardiac Sarcomere Assembly from Cell-Matrix Adhesions.

Dev. Cell.
Chopra A, Kutys ML, Zhang K, Polacheck WJ, Sheng CC, Luu RJ, Eyckmans J, Hinson JT, Seidman JG, Seidman CE, Chen CS.
| Jan 08, 2018

Mechanism and Determinants of Amphipathic Helix-Containing Protein Targeting to Lipid Droplets.

Dev. Cell.
Prévost C, Sharp ME, Kory N, Lin Q, Voth GA, Farese RV, Walther TC.
| Jan 08, 2018

E2F/DP Prevents Cell-Cycle Progression in Endocycling Fat Body Cells by Suppressing dATM Expression.

Dev. Cell.
Guarner A, Morris R, Korenjak M, Boukhali M, Zappia MP, Van Rechem C, Whetstine JR, Ramaswamy S, Zou L, Frolov MV, Haas W, Dyson NJ.
| Dec 18, 2017

Genetic Intersection of Tsix and Hedgehog Signaling during the Initiation of X-Chromosome Inactivation.

Dev. Cell.
Del Rosario BC, Del Rosario AM, Anselmo A, Wang PI, Sadreyev RI, Lee JT.
| 11 06, 2017

A Mechanism Coupling Systemic Energy Sensing to Adipokine Secretion.

Dev. Cell.
Rajan A, Housden BE, Wirtz-Peitz F, Holderbaum L, Perrimon N.
| 10 09, 2017

YAP/TAZ Orchestrate VEGF Signaling during Developmental Angiogenesis.

Dev. Cell.
Wang X, Freire Valls A, Schermann G, Shen Y, Moya IM, Castro L, Urban S, Solecki GM, Winkler F, Riedemann L, Jain RK, Mazzone M, Schmidt T, Fischer T, Halder G, Ruiz de Almodóvar C.
| 09 11, 2017

Cerebral Vein Malformations Result from Loss of Twist1 Expression and BMP Signaling from Skull Progenitor Cells and Dura.

Dev. Cell.
Tischfield MA, Robson CD, Gilette NM, Chim SM, Sofela FA, DeLisle MM, Gelber A, Barry BJ, MacKinnon S, Dagi LR, Nathans J, Engle EC.
| 09 11, 2017

Satellite Transcripts Locally Promote Centromere Formation.

Dev. Cell.
Perea-Resa C, Blower MD.
| 08 07, 2017

A Tubulin Binding Switch Underlies Kip3/Kinesin-8 Depolymerase Activity.

Dev. Cell.
Arellano-Santoyo H, Geyer EA, Stokasimov E, Chen GY, Su X, Hancock W, Rice LM, Pellman D.
| 07 10, 2017

Chromosome Mis-segregation Generates Cell-Cycle-Arrested Cells with Complex Karyotypes that Are Eliminated by the Immune System.

Dev. Cell.
Santaguida S, Richardson A, Iyer DR, M'Saad O, Zasadil L, Knouse KA, Wong YL, Rhind N, Desai A, Amon A.
| 06 19, 2017

On the Formation of Digits and Joints during Limb Development.

Dev. Cell.
Hiscock TW, Tschopp P, Tabin CJ.
| 06 05, 2017

Repression of Interstitial Identity in Nephron Progenitor Cells by Pax2 Establishes the Nephron-Interstitium Boundary during Kidney Development.

Dev. Cell.
Naiman N, Fujioka K, Fujino M, Valerius MT, Potter SS, McMahon AP, Kobayashi A.
| 05 22, 2017

Thermogenesis by THADA.

Dev. Cell.
Chatterjee N, Perrimon N.
| 04 10, 2017

Autophagy: It's in Your Blood.

Dev. Cell.
Doulatov S, Daley GQ.
| 03 27, 2017

Resolving Heart Regeneration by Replacement Histone Profiling.

Dev. Cell.
Goldman JA, Kuzu G, Lee N, Karasik J, Gemberling M, Foglia MJ, Karra R, Dickson AL, Sun F, Tolstorukov MY, Poss KD.
| 02 27, 2017