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Implementing the WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist: lessons from a global collaboration.

BMJ Glob Health.
Perry W, Bagheri Nejad S, Tuomisto K, Kara N, Roos N, Dilip TR, Hirschhorn LR, Larizgoitia I, Semrau K, Mathai M, Dhingra-Kumar N.
| 08 19, 2017

Chronic kidney disease in low-income to middle-income countries: the case for increased screening.

BMJ Glob Health.
George C, Mogueo A, Okpechi I, Echouffo-Tcheugui JB, Kengne AP.
| 05 29, 2017

Facilitating access to surgical care through a decentralised case-finding strategy: experience in Madagascar.

BMJ Glob Health.
White MC, Hamer M, Biddell J, Claus N, Randall K, Alcorn D, Parker G, Shrime MG.
| 09 29, 2017

Assessing the Brazilian surgical system with six surgical indicators: a descriptive and modelling study.

BMJ Glob Health.
Massenburg BB, Saluja S, Jenny HE, Raykar NP, Ng-Kamstra J, Guilloux AGA, Scheffer MC, Meara JG, Alonso N, Shrime MG.
| 05 18, 2017

Implementing One Health as an integrated approach to health in Rwanda.

BMJ Glob Health.
Nyatanyi T, Wilkes M, McDermott H, Nzietchueng S, Gafarasi I, Mudakikwa A, Kinani JF, Rukelibuga J, Omolo J, Mupfasoni D, Kabeja A, Nyamusore J, Nziza J, Hakizimana JL, Kamugisha J, Nkunda R, Kibuuka R, Rugigana E, Farmer P, Cotton P, Binagwaho A.
| 02 21, 2017

Addressing the challenges of diagnostics demand and supply: insights from an online global health discussion platform.

BMJ Glob Health.
Engel N, Wachter K, Pai M, Gallarda J, Boehme C, Celentano I, Weintraub R.
| 12 02, 2016

The How Project: understanding contextual challenges to global surgical care provision in low-resource settings.

BMJ Glob Health.
Raykar NP, Yorlets RR, Liu C, Goldman R, Greenberg SLM, Kotagal M, Farmer PE, Meara JG, Roy N, Gillies RD.
| 12 16, 2016

Economic valuation of the impact of a large surgical charity using the value of lost welfare approach.

BMJ Glob Health.
Corlew DS, Alkire BC, Poenaru D, Meara JG, Shrime MG.
| 12 08, 2016

Practical issues in the measurement of child survival in health systems trials: experience developing a digital community-based mortality surveillance programme in rural Nepal.

BMJ Glob Health.
Harsha Bangura A, Ozonoff A, Citrin D, Thapa P, Nirola I, Maru S, Schwarz R, Raut A, Belbase B, Halliday S, Adhikari M, Maru D.
| 12 19, 2016

Rethinking the cost of healthcare in low-resource settings: the value of time-driven activity-based costing.

BMJ Glob Health.
McBain RK, Jerome G, Warsh J, Browning M, Mistry B, Faure PAI, Pierre C, Fang AP, Mugunga JC, Rhatigan J, Leandre F, Kaplan R.
| 11 11, 2016

Perspectives of host faculty and trainees on international visiting faculty to paediatric academic departments in East Africa.

BMJ Glob Health.
Russ CM, Ganapathi L, Marangu D, Silverman M, Kija E, Bakeera-Kitaka S, Laving A.
| 11 14, 2016

Systematic review and meta-analysis of the adolescent HIV continuum of care in South Africa: the Cresting Wave.

BMJ Glob Health.
Zanoni BC, Archary M, Buchan S, Katz IT, Haberer JE.
| 10 24, 2016

Outsourcing: how to reform WHO for the 21st century.

BMJ Glob Health.
Negin J, Dhillon RS.
| 09 12, 2016

Need for a standardised procedure classification system in global surgery.

BMJ Glob Health.
Costas-Chavarri A, Meara JG.
| 09 02, 2016

Evidence-based medicine for all: what we can learn from a programme providing free access to an online clinical resource to health workers in resource-limited settings.

BMJ Glob Health.
Valtis YK, Rosenberg J, Bhandari S, Wachter K, Teichman M, Beauvais S, Weintraub R.
| 05 23, 2016

Global Surgery 2030: a roadmap for high income country actors.

BMJ Glob Health.
Ng-Kamstra JS, Greenberg SLM, Abdullah F, Amado V, Anderson GA, Cossa M, Costas-Chavarri A, Davies J, Debas HT, Dyer GSM, Erdene S, Farmer PE, Gaumnitz A, Hagander L, Haider A, Leather AJM, Lin Y, Marten R, Marvin JT, McClain CD, Meara JG, Meheš M, Mock C, Mukhopadhyay S, Orgoi S, Prestero T, Price RR, Raykar NP, Riesel JN, Riviello R, Rudy SM, Saluja S, Sullivan R, Tarpley JL, Taylor RH, Telemaque LF, Toma G, Varghese A, Walker M, Yamey G, Shrime MG.
| 04 06, 2016
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